Five Countries Lead the Way in Purchases

NAR Report Shows International Buying is Increasing

International buyers, National Association of REALTORS® report
International Buyers - According to this NAR report, the red bar graph for each year shows the percentage of foreign investments.

The international market for buying property in the United States is growing. I devoted the REALTALK™ segment last week on a National Association of REALTOR® report that shows the increased interest from foreign investors. In the twelve month period that ended in March of 2014, over $92.2 billion of properties in this country were sold to international buyers. That represents about seven percent of the total residential property sales market of $1.2 trillion.

The majority of foreign buyers that call on my services are from Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Nationally, the Russian market is strong in Miami and the Chinese market prefers the west coast for its proximity to China. According to the NAR report, Canada, China, Mexico, India and the U.K. accounted for 54 percent of foreign purchases. Florida leads the market with 23 percent of homes purchased in the United States.

REALTALK #28 on international buyers, National Association of REALTORS® report
International Buyers - These buyers are representing a bigger share of the real estate market.

Nearly 80% of the buyers that purchase property through my office are cash buyers and are purchasing upscale properties. The report shows that foreign investors prefer cash with 60 percent of purchases. They prefer the luxury waterfront market and are reported by NAR to have a mean purchase price above that paid by domestic buyers.

My marketing to international buyers is mostly automated. I have an account with Proxio, which promotes my properties to the international community by translating my listings into 19 different languages. Through my single property sites such as this new listing at 415 L’Ambiance #B802 (www.415LAmbianceB802), website visitors can select to have the pages translated into any one of 80 different languages with a selection below the listing details on the right. I also have select pages on my website translated, such as the Deutsch page for Über Roger Pettingell where my biografie appears in German. I am also purchasing Google and Facebook online advertising to promote properties for sale, concentrating my target on the countries mentioned above.

Countries of international buyers, National Association of REALTORS® report
Leading the way - Buyers from these five countries lead the way in foreign purchases.

However, my best form of advertising to the international market might be through past clients who recommend my professional services to their friends. There is an Austrian client who has made over 10 referrals on my behalf. A referral tells the international community that they were satisfied with the sale and they can feel confident that I will perform a good service for their friend too.

The listing above refers to this residence that is new on the market at 415 L'Ambiance. It is an eighth-floor condominium with stunning Gulf to bay views from nearly every room. It is a great place for foreign investors. Call me today for your exclusive tour, (941) 387-1840. Happy holidays.

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