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Lifelong Learning for retirees

by Roger Pettingell

Lifelong Learning Opportunities in Sarasota

Explore These Options For Extending Your Education

University of South Florida, Manatee and Sarasota campus
University of South Florida - Sign up for LLA adult classes at its Sarasota and Manatee campus.

You may have seen the commercial that asks, “What do you want to do when you retire?” The responses are written on a wall and suggests anything from an airplane pilot to architect. These are occupations that require advanced training.

Sarasota has plenty of opportunities to learn a new skill without a four-year degree program. Some are state and local school initiatives for children and adults, but two of the more prominent programs for retirees are non-profit organizations. These were started with the idea that this area has a rich culture base and that retirees have a desire to learn new skills.

The University of South Florida, near the SRQ airport, operates the Lifelong Learning Academy, a non-profit that operates year-round. Students don’t earn college credits for the LLA courses offered through USF on the Manatee and Sarasota campus, there are no grades, but these classes are taught at the university level. It is very structured with six to eight week courses and offered in four terms throughout the year. In the current course catalog are classes on anything from photography and art, to history, cuisine and culture. Interested in learning about movies? Here is the place. Have a new iPhone but don’t know how to use it? There’s an app, I mean, class for that. Become an LLA member and your world opens to class discounts, lectures, participation in Shared Interest Groups (SIGs), and an invitation to the annual appreciation dinner.

Just south of USF on Tamiami Trail (Route 41), the Ringling College of Art and Design offers certification programs in similar disciplines of fine arts and photography. These classes are for those that are looking to develop their professional skills, but are short enough for retirees who want to learn a new skill in a part-time learning environment. Professional CEUs are available for several disciplines.

University-level seminars from staff of the Ringling Museum and guest lecturers at the Cultural Institute cater to those who share a quality interest in the arts. The Cultural Institute is an ongoing program through the Expressive Arts Florida program. The Ringling Museum of Art’s “Spotlight Series” are two-hour presentations that highlight artists and exhibits at the museum. Topics are mostly chosen and presented by the staff of the Ringling Museum. Registration for their Summer Art program is available now.

The area on this strip is ripe with learning opportunities for all adults. Within the mile between USF and Ringling College of Art and Design is the New College of Florida main campus and a Masters of Fine Arts degree program offered through Florida State University. Florida State University/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training is a three-year graduate program with performances in the historic Asolo Theatre on the Ringling Museum campus.

In their 44th season, the Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning (SILL) offers a seminar series on global issues with internationally recognized speakers. "Thinking Globally, Speaking Locally," the series begin in January and end in March, in Sarasota and Venice. At this time the organization has not announced a schedule for its 2015 Tuesday through Thursday lecture series. Music Mondays are for those with more eclectic tastes in music.

Free classes on a variety of subjects such as computer skills and creative writing for adults over the age of 55 are offered at Senior Friendship Centers. The Sarasota center is located in Luke Wood Park near downtown Sarasota where 301 and Tamiami Trail intersect. There student trainers are gearing up for Tech Boot Camp for Beginners, which runs from June 23 through June 27.

The School Board of Sarasota County offers fee-based classes to residents of Manatee and Sarasota counties through its Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE) program. These classes are on a variety of subjects at various campuses and businesses in the area.

It is my hope that these organizations are able to offer the perfect program for you to quench that thirst for continuing education. More information is available through the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, the state’s arts agency.

Please take a look at our most recent listing. We welcome this new seller in Country Club Shores to our services here at Roger Pettingell, Coldwell Banker Previews International. If you have any questions on this property, or any other property on our site, please feel free to contact me at (941) 387-1840.

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Market Updates and Saved Searches

by Roger Pettingell

Market Updates and Saved Searches

Using this website for home buying and selling research

Live Chat symbol
Live Chat - Have a question while researching? Click on the Chat with a Agent link in the lower right. has many ways for you to keep up with new home listings for sale, market updates for sellers, and comparative market analysis (CMA) reports. You don’t have to join a mailing list on this site to have access to this information. We can turn on limits that require you to set up an account after your first search, but I never liked those restrictions.

For instance, under the menus for Property Listings and CMA History you have many ways to explore the local real estate market for home sales. The CMA histories will give you a good background into home prices back to 2008 in some cases. We keep them current with comparative pricing for 18 different communities on Longboat Key and the Sarasota area.

However, setting up a free account on my other sites is easy and based on your needs, we will send you reports on a daily basis. Let’s start with Register as a buyer and input your requirements for your next dream home. You will receive a market snapshot within 30 minutes, then receive updates as new homes come on the market. Register as a home owner and we will send you updates on the market as it relates to your property.

As a home owner you can receive a free instant home market analysis report on There you will also have a chance to receive updates by registering with your email address. The instant report offers insight into the value of your home and how it compares to the neighborhood. There is also a comparison rating for the community in areas such as safety, schools and lifestyle.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) research is important to determine property values. Roger Pettingell discusses how the website has a library of CMAs for 18 different communities on Longboat Key and Sarasota in episode 14 of REALTALK, aired August 6, 2014.
Roger Pettingell discusses CMAs in REALTALK™ #14, aired August 6, 2014.

Enter the criteria for your home search as a buyer on and we will send you homes that match that criteria. As new homes come on the market we will send updates to your email address.

Look for the “Chat with an Agent” link in the lower right of and to be instantly connected to an agent. After hours you can “Leave a message for Roger” that I will respond to when I am able to research your question.

Under Property Listings on is an option to register for an account to search for homes, whether you are buying or doing research of similar homes as the seller. There are many benefits for creating an account, you can:

  • Save your property searches
  • Save properties to your account
  • Perform Quick Searches from your settings
  • Modify and add daily email parameters
  • Name and Save Multiple Searches
  • Modify your profile

All you need is your name and email address to get started with your Free account. An email will be sent to you to verify your email address. Please click on the link in the email to begin using your account. The next time you visit the site your saved searches and properties will be waiting for you after you sign into your account. By searching for properties on the home page form you can also begin the process. When you complete your search and the list of homes appear just click on the Save Search link and either register or login.

As REALTORS® we know there are months of research on average that buyers and sellers use the Internet to review the markets before contacting a REALTOR®. Over 90% of home buyers start their search online. It is my hope that we have provided you with a good start for this research. The information sent to you through the emails above are detailed, and most of all, they are free. When you are ready to list your home or purchase your next property here in the Longboat Key and Sarasota I hope that you will review my years of experience so that like many others, you will trust that I can provide good service to you. As a client I can provide you with more accurate information through email just by understanding your needs better.

And as with all the programs we have set up for you, there is always an easy opt-out link on each email. By then I will have hoped that you have made the best decision for home buying or selling with the information you have received from us.

Next week we will be observing Memorial Day in honor of all the military men and women who have sacrificed so much to preserve freedom in this great country. My next blog will be on Tuesday. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Please take a look at our most recent listings. We welcome these new sellers to our services here at Roger Pettingell, Coldwell Banker Previews International. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (941) 387-1840.

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Economist view of the Market

by Roger Pettingell

An Economist's View of the Market

As funny as his presentation was, his message was strong

Elliott Eisenberg, Ph.D., economist
Elliott Eisenberg, Ph.D., economist - Click on the image for more information and to register for his 70 word daily blogs on economics.

Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D. is a funny guy. He is an economist, so how can I call him funny. He recently spoke at a recent gathering for local REALTORS®, there to speak on the economics of the housing market.

There was laughter at many of his jokes and one in particular. He was explaining the Federal government’s role in stimulus packages. He noted that more rebates for home buyers weren’t necessary based on inventory and the number of buyers for those homes. It was actually the Federal government that was a factor in the overload.

“If you dig a hole too deep,” he said. “Get rid of the shovel.”

He was good at either an analogy or quick witted comment to put everything in perspective. It was an economist’s view of inflation, business growth, government programs, and yes: interest rates and the housing market. There was a tie-in to housing sales in all the economic indicators and he showed the graphs that he used to back up his findings. Even his website is a combination of serious figures and comedy routines,

He pointed out that more state and local jobs will be created and industry production is increasing too for more jobs. He made a point to indicate that with more jobs, the housing market is stronger. We can all make that assumption but it took someone with his background to look at the numbers to tell us whether we are going up or down.

He noted the government’s role in interest rates. He seemed to have a clear vision of the Federal Reserve, despite the changing of the guard and the inauguration of Janet Yellen as head. He claimed that short term-rates will stay low as long as unemployment and inflation remains low.

Dr. Eisenberg noted that lenders need home buyers and that buyers should seek out lenders they trust. At issue is the uncertainty in creating loans and uncertainty in getting a loan that was created by the housing crisis a few years ago. This has created a situation where the banks are losing money. It also may account for the recent announcement from RealtyTrac that 65% of home purchases in Sarasota County were based on cash purchases. This ranks among the top five in the nation of cities with populations over 500,00. He reasoned that regulations will ease a bit to pull us out even faster.

He did note that the government will likely drive interest rates upward, but that it won’t start until the Fed tapers its stimulus packages, likely to start in November. Dr. Eisenberg made note that his views were smart, but that government is not always smart.

He displayed a graph that was a combination of existing home sales and new home sales. The gap was very noticeable the last four years. Encouraging were his figures on the decreasing number of distressed homes as a percentage of total home sales.

He wrapped up with graphs on Florida and its comparison to other states in the nation. He said that the east coast up to Pennsylvania is looking good for the housing market and that Florida is fourth or fifth in unemployment recovery. He was keen on the fact that listings are still down but that Florida has recovered to a point that houses were selling at 95% of the original listing price. He said we still have a long way to go from the 34% below market prices that this state is in recovery.

The take-away is that we should all be bullish on the economy and we have all seen the indicators. Now we have a good perspective that relates it all back to the housing market.


For more information, and to register for 70 word daily blogs on the economy, visit the website of Elliott Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Please take a look at our most recent listings. We welcome these new sellers to our services here at Roger Pettingell, Coldwell Banker Previews International. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (941) 387-1840.

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REALTALK: Housing Market videos

by Roger Pettingell

REALTALK™ Debuts April 23

New Video Series for the Local Real Estate Market

REALTALK videos by Roger Pettingell on the Longboat Key and Sarasota Real Estate markets.
REALTALK™ - My videos on the Longboat Key and Sarasota Real Estate markets. Click on the image above for the playlist.

When I thought of a weekly video program that was devoted to the local real estate market I wanted to produce content that was concise and relevant enough to put into a two- to three-minute conversation.

The first REALTALK™ debuted April 23 with a comparison of the 2013 first quarter to 2014, what is selling at a rapid pace and what I think we should look forward to the next three quarters. The second episode on April 30th I talked about homes on the market and pointed to some of the high end homes available for sale to luxury home buyers.

These videos have done better on my YouTube channel so I had them packaged into a playlist. It is my hope that by making these videos accessible and easy to find, this information will be available to a wide audience. To make them accessible to the hard of hearing, I have been transcribing them with closed captioning. The closed captioning button is located at the bottom of all REALTALK™ videos.

On my website,, the transcripts will be available as expanding windows so you can see the list of videos easily, but open the text for a quick read. This archive has already been created and you can see it here.

I will offer my knowledge in these videos as a top producing REALTOR the past 26 years in the Sarasota and Longboat Key areas.  I also hope to have guest speakers: experts on the housing market, remodeling, taxes and more. Mary Kay Ryan, my director of customer care, is a moderator in this question and answer series.

Please take a look at the price changes on Longboat Key for a great value property. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (941) 387-1840.

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