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Turtle nesting season begins with new laws

by Roger Pettingell

Turtle nesting season begins Monday

A new Longboat Key ordinance takes effect this year to protect turtles

Literature on new law and helpful tips for turtle nesting
Turtle Nesting Literature - There are plenty of pamphlets on the subject, click the image for a video.

Turtle nesting season officially begins May 1 but the turtle watchers are already combing the beach looking for any activity that may be a little early. These wonderful animals need our protection as the parents lay the eggs, the turtles trek to the sea and begin their journey of life in the seas. Government and private organizations are working hard to preserve this ritual of life’s beginnings. They are doing this through legislation, watch programs and public education programs.

In 2016, with the help of the Longboat Key Turtle Watch program, 1,184 nests with hatchlings were identified. Sarasota County accounts for the highest density of nesting turtles on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This watch group made up of volunteers is sanctioned by Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, responsible for marking nests so that visitors on the beach can enjoy their time there and understand the areas that should not be disturbed. This group patrols the Manatee County portion of Longboat Key each morning during the May 1 to October 31 official nesting season. They identified 578 of the total nesting areas last year.

All data on turtles in the county is collected by volunteers and staff at Mote Marine and the Coastal Wildlife Club. Another group, The Anna Maria Turtle Watch is made up of volunteers on that island. The information collected by all groups is sent to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

There are estimates that mature female Loggerhead Turtles at 25-30 years old lay approximately 100 eggs in each of four to seven nests over a two-week period. Last year the renourishment program returned over 500,000 cubic yards of white sand to the beaches of Longboat Key through dredging and daily truck hauls. Since nesting turtles return to the area of their start in life a major change to the nesting area presents another challenge.

You can help with some simple compliance with laws and beach maintenance, particularly during night time hours:

  • Interior lamps should be moved away from windows.
  • Do not use any lighting on the beach for fishing.
  • No campfires or cars are allowed on the beach.
  • Report any pets other than service animals that are on the beach.
  • Fill in any holes dug into the sand and remove beach furniture by hand, equipment is not allowed during nesting season.
  • It is recommended that beach furniture be stacked away from potential nesting areas if it cannot be removed. Turtles nest high on the beach to avoid high tides.
  • Do not set furniture closer than five feet to a marked nest.
  • Remove any plastic from the beach that can be ingested and ultimately deadly to turtles.

Any nesting disturbance or stranded turtles should be reported to Mote Marine at (941) 388-4331. A video on sea turtle protection can be found here. Turtle nests are marked by yellow caution tape attached to four stakes in the sand and marked with a yellow Sea Turtle Nest notification. Typically there are additional marks that include dates and the person responsible for the nest. Try to collect as much information as possible in your report to the Sea Turtle Program at Mote Marine.

There are rules to observe to avoid disturbing sea turtles while nesting
Sea turtles can nest in high traffic areas like this one outside a popular restaurant on Anna Maria Island.

This is the first year of a new Sea Turtle Protection Ordinance on Longboat Key that alters enforcement, lighting on the beach and removal of beach furniture at night when the hatchlings make their way from the beach to the sea. In the water they journey to a nearby seaweed line for food and shelter. Of those hatchlings only one of every 1,000 to 10,000 are expected to reach maturity. This law protects all nesting turtles, including the threatened Loggerhead and endangered Green turtles that nest here.

The new ordinance allows enforcement of protections on any night when in the past officers were only walking during moonlit nights. A number of restrictions on home lighting in the coastal areas were enacted, all to prevent disorientation of the turtles making their way to the sea. Beach furniture should be removed during the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 p.m. Temporary structures or furniture will either be tagged by law enforcement or removed from the beach.

A letter from Mote Marine to citizens in the affected coastal areas outlined some of the changes on artificial lighting that can deter nesting females and hatchlings from making their way to the water. If an home or public interior light can be seen from the beach the shades must be drawn or tinted with a light transmittance value of 45% or less. Special outdoor lighting can be used that are either red or amber in color. Do not use flash photography on the beach. You can request a lighting inspection of your beachfront residence before the law takes effect May 1 by calling Chris Elbon of code enforcement at (941) 316-1966, ext 277.

There is plenty of information available for residents of these affected areas. Educating yourself is helpful so that you can continue to enjoy the beach and help protect these creatures of the sea. Hotels also possess varying degrees of literature for their guests. If you have a guest staying in your residence or you know someone who is visiting you can also help by presenting them with this information. Your efforts will let them know that you are concerned about the environment of Longboat Key. It will help you, your guests and the turtles.

New luxury home brand for Coldwell Banker

by Roger Pettingell

New luxury brand for Coldwell Banker

Last week's launch phases out Previews International for Global Luxury

Luxury Home for Sale at 5080 Gulf of Mexico Drive
Global Luxury home for sale - This Home for Sale at 5080 Gulf of Mexico Drive on Longboat Key will now appear under the Global Luxury brand.

When the historian Edward Gibbon penned the quote “All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance” most likely didn’t have Coldwell Banker in mind, but it certainly is applicable to the hugely successful real estate company. The leader in residential real estate sales has announced a major rebranding of its high-end market, changing from Previews International to Global Luxury.

Why a company that represents more than 25,000 homes for sale over $1 million is compelled to change directions in its branding is best summed up by corporate executives.

“Our relevance in luxury has endured because we always observe and anticipate the changing needs and desires of the modern-day affluent client. With an eye to the future, the luxury team embarked on a journey to reinvent the luxury marketing offering.”

That was in a letter announcing the change last week, co-written by Charlie Young, President & Chief Executive Officer of Coldwell Banker and Bruce Zipf, President & Chief Executive Officer, NRT LLC. NRT is the parent company of Coldwell Banker.

This highly progressive company is always looking to the future of real estate and not going in retrograde. Coldwell Banker handles more than $133.5 million in luxury home sales each day with an average sales price of $1.94 million. And now more than ever the company should be bullish on the luxury market.

In an article posted this year by the real estate watchdog group Inman, 2017 will be a great year for the luxury market. They cited four reasons in that there will be new ways to finance high-end homes, foreign buyers are expanding into the U.S. market, we are part of a historical growth period and there is typically an upturn in post-election purchases.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo
Moving forward with the new branding effort for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

We are in Phase III with the national launch of the new branding which kicked off last Tuesday. Phases I & II were ramping up phases that gave us time to order the new materials that will aid a successful launch. Now the new website, is live. The website will forward to the Global Luxury website so you need do nothing if you have it bookmarked in your browser. The residential site will show an inventory of all homes listed on the MLS, including those over $1 million, further expanding the luxury home reach. This website had over 10.4 million visits which resulted in an average of 1.6 listing views per visitor in March.

That is a lot of traffic and good exposure for your home listed with our company. Your listing is also syndicated out to over 40 real estate portals including Zillow, Trulia and when we build your single property website, such as the one listed here at Your home will also be a featured listing on our website, which receives hundreds of visits a day.

If you are a fan of the Coldwell Banker articles written in Previews Inside Out, they have rebranded those news stories as the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury blog. Since social media is a strong marketing format, you will begin to see the changes across the Internet at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Our websites and social media outlets have the new logo with service marks.

Coldwell Banker also promotes its luxury market with direct mail and print advertising, a total annual net reach of 1.1 million high-end buyers. There are 100,000 inserts into each issue of Unique Homes, with readers in 80 countries. The company inserts a supplement in the Friday issue of each Wall Street Journal edition in nine major cities. It prints 150,000 for direct mail to individuals with home values over $2 million and a net worth over $25 million.

These new efforts should have good effects on marketing homes on Longboat Key. Buyers will have good access to rich information that is available for each home listing. Our office here is also experiencing good growth. I have been told we will be making an announcement in the press this week about our growth and the new branding efforts.

I hope your Easter holiday weekend was a good one. As an added note, the Fifth Annual Blue Ties & Butterflies at Michael’s on East in Sarasota this Wednesday has some open tables that I encourage you to participate in. This fundraiser provides major support for the Child Protection Center in Sarasota and DeSoto counties. If you can’t attend I urge you to give a donation to this highly worthwhile organization that provides critical support for children with prevention, intervention and treatment programs. You can purchase a ticket or donate through the event website here.

I added two new residences for sale last week on Longboat Key. The first is a beautifully upgraded, two-bedroom beach retreat, located on the ninth floor at the Privateer South, #906 and overlooks the Gulf of Mexico stunning azure waters with views from every room. The second is a three-bedroom residence in the popular community of Beachplace, #305 on the lower end of the island. This home has a spacious layout and is ready to immediately enjoy or rent. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing or if you have a property to sell or buy.

Address List Price Media Slideshow
1000 Longboat Club Rd, #906 $829,000   Photo Slideshow
1075 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #305 $779,000   Photo Slideshow


Call us at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing


Longboat Key Center for the Arts

by Roger Pettingell

Art center to close, new one in progress

New Longboat Key center will be built on land twice the size of current site

Amore Restaturant on Longboat Key
The Amore Restaurant has been abandoned since May to make way for the new Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Culture and Education. The city purchased the property for $2.2 million.

Since 1952 the Longboat Key Center for the Arts has been offering workshops, classes, concerts and lectures. And Saturday was the final opening for an arts exhibit, which started a run of artwork by the Women’s Contemporary Artists. Plans were announced in February that the center would close in May. But not to worry too long, plans are in the works for another center at a new location closer to the center of Longboat Key.

For the past ten years the center has been a division of Ringling College of Art and Design, which made the announcement that it would sell the land to a private developer so the 2.3 acres will be used for single-family residential homes.

Also in February, the town of Longboat Key purchased the Amore Restaurant on Bay Isles Parkway and with it acquired 2.1 acres that the restaurant used for fine Italian dining and personal celebrations. The land is adjacent to 2.8 acres the town acquired in 2014 to be used for a center. That more than doubles the size of land used for an art center, giving the town more flexibility for cultural development in the arts. With more land, they will have more words in the name, to be called the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Culture and Education. Ringling College will operate the new center through a lease agreement when it opens, likely in 2020.

The expansion could also mean that the new center will have a wider use. Already there is a discussion to use the new facility for weddings and will have a larger theater. The workshops, classes, art exhibits and recitals would likely continue. Part of the money from the sale of the land will be used for planning and construction costs.

So what is to become of the buildings on the current site. Already there are plans to move one of two historic Whitney Cottages. In 1935, 16 cottages were built for the former Whitney Beach Resort on the north end. When the resort closed in 1950 the cottages were moved to new locations. There is now a campaign to raise funds to move the one cottage to a location along Gulf of Mexico Drive. The 1,764 square foot facility could serve the community as a welcome center to visitors entering the island from the north. It could also be used by the historical society as announced recently by a coalition of home owners that are developing plans for the fundraising campaign.

Fans of the Amore Restaurant will be delighted to know the its owner said he plans on opening a new restaurant. The new arts center if completed as envisioned will likely raise property values on the island. It all looks good for a vibrant lifestyle when everything comes together. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing or if you have a property to sell or buy.

First quarter 2017 real estate market report

by Roger Pettingell

Sales picking up the pace on Longboat

Reports for quarter rolling in show strong sales, following national trend

REALTALK #123 (April 4, 2017)
First Quarter 2017 - March set the pace for strong sales as discussed in this real estate market report, REALTALK #123 (April 4, 2017)

With just a few weeks remaining in the peak selling season, 2017 is shaping up to be a strong year. Bolstered by last month sales, March came in like a lion and went out like one too. There may have been many reasons for home buying jitters and I typically point to the stock market when that occurs. But the stock market hit record highs so other factors must figure in to sluggish sales the first two months of 2017. It’s possible buyers were looking to the uncertainty that comes about with the inauguration of a new president.

So the figures are coming in for the first quarter. According to a report by the Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee, inventory was the highest it has been since April of 2012. The National Association of Realtors painted a similar picture. Although sales actually slid, the organization reported that February’s mark was 5.4 percent higher than in the same month last year. Prices increased nationally to an average of $228,400, partially due to low inventories.

Evidence of price fluctuations is demonstrated in the chart below this REALTALKplus™ article, where home prices on Longboat Key took a dip in December of 2016 but rebounded to an median price of nearly $1.5 million by the end of March. I discussed this increase in my REALTALK™ #123 video on April 4, 2017. The average price for one of my sales in the first quarter was $1.4 million. If all my pending sales were to close today I would be on pace for another record setting year. The pattern was similar in 2016 when I closed $77 million in volume sales.

My average days on the market have followed a trend set in Sarasota and Manatee counties. In February, Manatee County reported an average of 76 days on the market, Sarasota reported 77 days on the market. My average days on the market is floating right around 79 for 2017.

So, is it a seller’s or buyer’s market? I would conclude that it is a good time for both sides. Sellers are getting near their asking price and buyers are getting a good value for money spent on homes. The sale to list price ratio is 95 percent in both counties.

Luxury homes are selling too. It might take a little more effort to sell waterfront property, finding that right buyer is always out there. I have seven properties over $1 million pending, the highest is a beautiful home at $6.495 million in Harbor Acres. This year I have also closed on seven homes over $1 million.

622 S. Owl Drive, Bird Key, Sarasota
New Bird Key listing - This home was featured in an article, April 2 in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

There are homes on the market here at or above $10 million. On Sunday Harold Bubil of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune wrote a nice article featuring my listing on Bird Key that is currently for sale at $9.995 million. It is a landscaped lot and a lot with a very warm and cozy home built by the owners at 622 S. Owl Drive. It could be separated into two lots. To ask that amount it has to be waterfront of which this property has 450 feet of it.

They all aren’t single-family homes. I have a residence at the Ritz-Carlton pending for $3.6 million and one at L’Ambiance on Longboat Key pending at $2.5 million. These two communities command high dollar for their residences as they are well-maintained and offer many amenities.

Please check out my newest listings that were put on the market last week. The home at 416 Bayshore Drive is on an acre of prime real estate in Osprey. The Little Sarasota Bay wraps around this parcel on two sides and the panoramic views are enhanced with walls of glass on this unique home. The second is in the Bayou Section of Longboat Key, behind the gates of Bay Isles. It’s a charming three bedroom home on the grounds of Longboat Key Club. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing or if you have a property to sell or buy.


Address List Price Media Slideshow
416 Bayshore Dr, Osprey $1,395,000   Photo Slideshow
3490 Bayou Sound $850,000   Photo Slideshow
2016-17 Median price chart for Longboat Key
Median prices for homes sold on Longboat Key.


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