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Sarasota sports

by Roger Pettingell

Baseball, and roller derby to water skiing

Upcoming events for the spectator sport enthusiast

McKechnie Filed in Bradenton
McKechnie Field - The Pittsburgh Pirates are wrapping up their Spring schedule. The Marauders will soon begin their schedule here.

With just three more home games remaining, Spring training for the Baltimore Orioles is winding down. One of the nice things about these games is that they are in smaller ballparks with the major leaguers participating. For the most part you are close to the action where you may not be when the regular season starts.

The team has been settled in Sarasota since 2009, a renovated Ed Smith Stadium in 2010 downtown and part of the 13-team Grapefruit League. This is your opportunity to see center fielder Adam Jones or starting pitcher Chris Tillman without leaving the area. It might also be a good bet that you can catch stars from your favorite major league team within an easy drive. Just to the north in Bradenton, the Pirates, are at the renovated McKechnie Field. There are still standing room only tickets left, but these games are typically sellouts.

And more good news recently was announced this month, the Atlanta Braves are looking at Sarasota to move their training from Lake Buena Vista. Their current contract is up in 2017. The plans are for a 7,500-seat stadium in south Sarasota on US 41. Other cities are in the running.

There are other professional sporting events coming up in Sarasota. Starting April 9 the USTA Pro Circuit will be in town for an eight day tennis tournament to be played at the Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center. Some of the top ranked players have accepted, including four from Argentina, to participate in the White Sands/Joey Gratton Sarasota Open.

Even the Bradentuckey Bombers of the women’s flat track roller derby league are considered professional athletes. Their next event is this Saturday at their facility, Astro Stake and Fun Center, at 3611 Third St, West in Bradenton.

The NCAA has its largest collegiate sand volleyball competition April 8-10, with 35 colleges participating in the Fiesta on Siesta Key. Now in its seventh year, D2, D3 and NAIA schools have been added to the tournament field this year. On that Saturday, USA Volleyball HP National team tryouts will be held on the beaches of Siesta Key.

A polo club event is a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. The last match of the season will be held this Sunday at the grounds in Lakewood Ranch. Nine polo fields are maintained, the Sarasota Polo Club is one of the largest clubs in the country.

Ski-A-Rees water ski acrobats
The Ski-A-Rees give free shows on Sundays with their last show of the season May 1.

The Ski-A-Rees has been providing water ski shows since 1957. These free events with parking available at the Mote Marine Aquarium on City Island are an excellent display of local acrobatic talent. The last show of the season is May 1 but the 2016 Southern Regional Show Ski Tournament at the Ski-A-Rees stadium will begin June 16 and run through that Sunday. The tournament was last held here in 2011.

Over the Fourth of July weekend the 32nd Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix race will be held with prime viewing on Lido Key beaches. The festival begins a week earlier with the Festival Golf Classic at Laurel Oak Country Club.

Nathan Benderson Park by the new Mall at University Town Center will be the site to some world class athletes in rowing and sculling, the first of which will be this Wednesday, Canoe Kayak Canada Assessment Regatta. In April the Florida Scholastic Rowing Association Sculling Championships and the 2016 U.S Olympic Team Trials will be held there. Looking to the future, the World Rowing Championship will be held in September of 2017 and will co-host with the University of Central Florida, National Collegiate Athletic Association's Rowing Championships in 2018.

Professional sports in Tampa include the Rays baseball team and the Buccaneers in the NFL. The State College of Florida participates in the Suncoast Conference of the Florida State College Activities Association. The Manatees have teams in tennis, baseball, softball and volleyball.

My new listing is a Beachplace penthouse on Longboat Key with wonderful views of the Gulf. This 2BR/2BA residence has an extended terrace that is only featured on top-floor properties in this community. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

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Sarasota's iconic bayfront statue

by Roger Pettingell

History behind the 'Unconditional Surrender'

Stories behind the photo and the famous Sarasota statue

Unconditional Surrender Statue Sarasota Florida
Unconditional Surrender - The statue has literally had its ups and downs over the years.

Sarasota’s famous statue has been the scene of an auto accident, replicated in other cities, its sculptor accused of copyright infringement and it was vandalized as an April Fool’s joke. Yet the sculpture named Unconditional Surrender at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Sarasota remains as an iconic fixture and reminder to the end of World War II. The 25-foot image is a 3D model of a photograph that appeared in Life magazine following Victory over Japan (V-J) Day in 1945. The photograph and the statue has history to it.

First, the story of the photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse leaning backward in New York city’s Times Square. It was shot on film by renowned photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. Japan had just surrendered to the Allies in August of 1945, the announcement sparked a flurry of celebrations world-wide. A young sailor, George Mendonsa, was in Radio City Music Hall with his soon to be wife Rita when the news filtered into the theater. The couple soon joined others who were flowing into the street for a mass celebration when George grabbed a passing nurse for the kiss, she had just ended her shift at a local hospital.

Neither had been identified in the Life magazine cover photo. George is the most likely sailor to make his claim as one of the subjects in the picture. He seems to have the most convincing story with his memory of the day and his features that closely resemble the man in the photo. Even the Naval War College identified George as the one most likely to be the kisser in the photograph. Others have come forward as well, including Carl Muscarello and Glenn McDuffie, who also have similar certifications of authenticity.

Nurses and dental assistants have claimed to be the woman in the photo. Edith Shain had just finished her shift at Doctor’s Hospital in New York when she claims she went into the streets to celebrate. Greta Zimmer was working as a dental assistant when news broke out in the office on that day. She left the office on Lexington Avenue to join in on the excitement. Neither of the two could identify the sailor.

In this day of instant photographs and a camera at the disposal of most everyone with a phone, the incident would have been captured by many and instantly broadcast throughout the world. On that day there was another photographer, Victor Jorgensen, that captured the scene. Since he was serving in the Navy as a photographer his pictures would be in the public domain, while there were copyright issues with the photograph that appeared in Life.

That is the connection to the sculpture. While the city of Sarasota claimed the statue violated copyrights, the sculptor, Seward Johnson, claimed the statue was cast from a computer generated model of the photo in the public domain taken by the Navy photographer, Jorgensen. He satisfied Sarasota with his position and the statue was allowed to be exhibited.

But the Styrofoam temporary statue in 2005 didn’t remain in Sarasota for long after the bayfront celebration it was intended. It was moved to San Diego for a temporary exhibit there, and then moved to New York city where the original photograph was taken.

Soon after Seward established the Sculpture Foundation to create works of the statue in Styrofoam, aluminum and bronze. San Diego replaced the temporary one with a bronze version. Copies also have shown up in Hamilton, NJ, Pearl Harbor, France and Italy. In 2009 an aluminum copy was returned to Sarasota intended as another temporary display. It was then that $500,000 was offered as a donation by Sarasota resident Jack Curran to keep it at its location for 10 years. Jack was local, served as a signalman in the war, and offered the money in honor of his deceased wife.

Removed for repairs
The statue was taken down and removed for repairs following an automobile accident in 2012.

The statue was to remain in Sarasota, but it didn’t. In April of 2012 it was struck in an automobile accident and had to be taken down. The statue was on the ground following the accident while insurance companies decided its fate, and was shipped back to Seward’s studio in New Jersey for repairs.

April hasn’t been a good month to the statue. As a seemingly April Fool’s joke, vandals attached a pink substance to the bottom of the nurse’s raised shoe to resemble stuck bubble gum. However funny it was, officials treated the investigation as criminal mischief. The pranksters were not caught and public works cleaned the substance off the shoe to bring it back to its original condition.

Now thousands of visitors to the bayfront area have had pictures taken of themselves in front of the statue. Some are taken of couples kissing in the same pose as the original. Others are just content to stand stoically and have their pictures taken. It is iconic for the city of Sarasota.


Last week I posted three new listings. A residence in The Sanctuary has lush views of the golf course and lakes in Building 11. I am offering for sale a residence in Siesta Key that has two bedrooms and is direct Gulf-front. The third is a vacant lot, primed with utilities in the protected waters of Bikini Basin in Cape Coral.

Welcome to the first day of Spring. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

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1617 Edith Esplanade $849,000 Video Photo Slideshow
8764 Midnight Pass Rd, #402A $549,000   Photo Slideshow


As-Is real estate contracts

by Roger Pettingell

As-Is contracts may simplify the process

These contracts have buyer and seller benefits

As-Is contracts
I explain the benefits of As-Is real estate contracts last summer in REALTALK™ #30.

I like As-Is contracts for real estate transactions. In ways it simplifies the process for buying and selling a home and has its advantages for both parties. Some sellers will only accept As-Is contracts and have that in the Realtor comments in the Multiple Listing Service remark section. Buyers may look at an As-Is contract as an opportunity to negotiate a lower price for the property.

And if you purchase a car, As-Is, you basically accept the fact that any hidden defects are yours to repair. However, in real estate the contract will have an inspection period that is typically up to 15 days where the buyer can get out of the contract for any reason.

There are other subtle differences between the standard Regular Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract (FAR-BAR) and the As-Is contract. In both contracts the buyer has a right to inspect the home they are buying. In the FAR-BAR contract a licensed inspector must be used for the home examination. In the As-IS contract, you can inspect the home yourself or have your brother, mother or family pet perform the inspection.

If the buyer does finds something in the house that needs repaired there is room for more negotiations. There may be an amount limit written in the contract that the seller gives notice that he or she is willing to repair defects up to this limit. The buyer may use the As-Is contract to negotiate which repairs should be made up to the limit or walk away if the repairs are extensive. The buyer may even a request a repair credit at closing.

In the FAR-BAR contract, inspections and repairs are more rigid. If the seller agrees to repair all the defects the buyer does not have the option to cancel the contract.

The contract can be written as an As-Is contract. If there is a FAR-BAR contract up for negotiation, the two parties may agree to convert the contract to an As-Is contract by using an Addendum K attachment. This may typically occur if the buyer wants to negotiate for a reduced price and is willing to accept the home in As-Is condition.

Buyers will often look at the MLS Disclosures that will accompany a listing to discover any defects that the seller is aware of. Even if the seller requires an As-Is contract, the seller is not relived of the responsibility to disclose defects such as a leaky roof. A buyer may present an addendum L attachment that is a Right to Inspect and Right to Cancel which gives the buyer additional protections that will obligate the seller to make repairs up to the limit written in the contract.

I explain some of the differences in my REALTALK™ #30 video last summer. In the video I make the point the you should seek the advice of a real estate attorney if there are questions on As-Is contracts.

Happy Pi day, the day we celebrate the third month on day 14, or 3.14. It is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. The decimal never ends and never repeats itself, but rounding to 3.14 might be acceptable for most calculations.

I listed three properties last week that are sure to provide something different for buyers. I listed a 3BR/3BA in San Remo Estates that includes a deep-water, 45-foot dock that was rebuilt in 2003 with modern conveniences for a yachtsman. A 4BR/5BA home in Heron Lagoon on Siesta Key was put on the market as a new construction that was completed by Emerald Homes in December. If you want to live on Longboat Key, consider the 2BR/2BA residence on the Gulf of Mexico shores at Beachplace. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

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3656 San Remo Terrace $1,950,000   Photo Slideshow
8008 Midnight Pass Road $1,399,000 Video Photo Slideshow
1125 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #103 $650,000   Photo Slideshow


Community spotlight - Promenade

by Roger Pettingell

Gulf of Mexico beachfront living

Explore the many amenities offered at the Promenade

Sunsets from Promenade
Stunning sunsets - Promenade residences have great sunset views from the balconies

One of the nicest sunset views on the Gulf of Mexico might be from one of the residences at the Promenade. This amenity-rich community is primed for the luxury lifestyle that makes Longboat Key a popular destination as a second home or a retirement domicile. On the southern end of the island, Promenade is a high rise with 112 residences in a variety of 10 different floor plans starting at 1,585 square feet of living space.

Add to that penthouse floor plans and choices increase. My penthouse listing at 1211 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #904 takes it to the next level and offers Gulf-to-bay views so you have the added attraction of Sarasota skylines. One of my favorite words in real estate is updated and this residence has plenty of updates with high end finishes. It is a three bedroom home with three and a half baths and an expansive living area of 2,612 square feet. Add two terrace areas and this residence is sure to please.

Promenade has some of the finest set of amenities in the area. A Gulf-front pool deck and spa offers a nice area for entertaining guests. The grilling areas and gazebo make for some attractive areas to sit and relax with friends and family.

1211 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #904
Penthouse listing with Gulf-to-bay views

When it’s time for a more active day jump in the heated swimming pool or take a stroll down to the beach edge over the dunes and the boardwalk that takes you to the Gulf. There are also four Har-tru tennis courts on the grounds of Promenade that sprawls over six and one half acres of land. The fitness center has excellent equipment to help tone your body with men’s and women’s health facilities. You are also close to either of the two Longboat Key Club championship golf courses and a membership is a very desirable complement to the recreation facilities at the Promenade.

For security, there is a 24/7 manned guard gate and the on-site management team is there to offer a pleasing response to most of your needs. The clubhouse has a game room, catering kitchen and library. A concierge on staff will help you plan your days to maintain an active lifestyle, available weekdays and Saturdays. The on-site maintenance and housekeeping staff will be able to assist with light duties around your home.

Some purchases at the Promenade are intended as rentals and are restricted to a three month minimum and twice a year. Approximately 25 percent of the residents are there year round and neighborhood friendships can strike up quite quickly.

Promenade is close to the grocery shopping of the Publix or the many fine dining and shopping areas offered at St. Armands Circle. And of course the center of cultural arts in Sarasota provides concerts, ballet, opera and orchestra performances, accessible over the Ringling Causeway and Bridge.

Gulf-front pool deck at Promenade
Relax on the pool deck at the Promenade.

I have more information on Promenade including the new Comparative Market Analysis for March that includes a history of CMAs back to the year 2012.

I have many listings on the beach including the penthouse here at Promenade. I added two more homes last week that may be of interest. The first is in the Fairway Bay community, 1930 Harbourside Dr, #141. This two bedroom, two bath residence is offered with access to the Bay Isles Beach Cub. On the northern end of Longboat Key is a residence listing in the Sea Twig community at 5645 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #202, which can be an ideal beach getaway or rental opportunity. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

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1930 Harbourside Dr, #141 $515,000   Photo Slideshow


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