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How to Hide the Clutter When Your House is For Sale

by Roger C. Pettingell

Organized living room in house for saleThat decision has finally been made and your house is officially on the market; however, the actual work is just beginning. Now you must find ways to not only keep your home competitive in the marketplace but always looking presentable for those unexpected visits from potential buyers.

One major thing that can be done in your home is getting rid of the clutter that may make your house feel "homey," but can be considered a deterrence by those who are thinking about purchasing your house.

In a recent article from Better Homes & Gardens, they noted several different tips you can do around the house to keep the clutter out and keep your house looking good. Here are a few of the best they offered:

  • Get rid of the coat rack in the foyer
  • Tidy and organize any magazines that may be out in certain living areas
  • Organize your bookcases and change up the designs a bit, especially if they're installed bookshelves

You can read more great tips by checking out the article on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

What other things do you do around the house to get rid of clutter? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to Make "Moving Day" Much Easier and Less Stressful

by Roger C. Pettingell

Have you recently purchased a home here in the Longboat Key area? Sure, you may be excited about moving to a wonderful place such as this, but that doesn't mean the whole process is exactly easy...

One of the most stressful days when moving to a new home is the actual moving day itself. Whether you hire professional movers or you've found some help from family and friends yourself, moving day can be quite difficult if you don't plan accordingly.

There are some great resources out there that give helpful hints and suggestions in order to make "moving day" more worry-free and less stressful. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right path:

  • Pack your cleaning supplies towards the end. That way, you can clean you old home before leaving and do any cleaning once you arrive at your new home without wondering where your cleaning supplies are.
  • Always be sure to have enough boxes on hand. Having to make additional trips to get more boxes can be a damper on an already tight schedule on moving day.
  • Pack up non-essential items two to three weeks in advance. This will ease the burden of having to "overpack" in the final days leading up to when you actually be heading out the door.

There are several more great suggestions to use when moving and articles from sites like and even The House Designers offer those tips and much more.

Do you have any fail-proof tips you use when packing up to move? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Things to Remember When Moving Into a New Home

by Roger C. Pettingell

mailboxIf you've ever moved into a new home before, you already know that the processes of everything that has to be done is seemingly never-ending and that is to be expected. But there can be some things we tend to miss or simply forget about because of how daunting the moving process can be.

There is a great article from The Simple Dollar that gives 10 essential things not to miss when moving into a new home. All of the examples they give typically occur once you've officially moved into your new home.

Here are just a few of the more notable examples they give from the article:

  • Call the utility companies to get the name changed on the account to yours
  • Visit the local post office and have your address changed to the new one as well as requesting any mail to your old address be forwarded as well.
  • Be sure to check all of the smoke detectors in the house to see that they are working properly.
  • Update your driver's license, car registration and even your voter's registration to ensure those entities have the right information.

There are several more things the article mentions and you can read the rest of them by visiting The Simple Dollar website.

And of course if you plan on moving to the Longboat Key area, be sure to give Roger Pettingell a call at 888-309-5714.

Buy Fresh (and Local) at the Sarasota Farmers Market

by Roger C. Pettingell

There's nothing like finding some of the freshest ingredients for that next big meal you plan on cooking for your friends or family. So is a place like the Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market on your radar when it comes to not only buying "fresh" but buying local? Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market

Making a visit to the Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market is more than just a few truck beds loaded with fruits and vegetables. The market actually offers a multitude of things and all from local farmers and merchants, including plants, prepared foods and beverages and even baked goods. You can view a list of all the vendors on the market's website.

Shopping at a place like the Sarasota Farmers Market is something great you can do for your community without having to do a lot in return. When you buy from a local farmers market you are supporting the local economy by keeping the cash flow within the community.

The Sarasota Downtown Farmers Market is located between Lemon and Main in Sarasota and is open every Saturday from 7am to 1pm.

Enjoy Exercising Outdoors Right Here in Longboat Key!

by Roger C. Pettingell

 Local park in Longboat KeyThere are several reasons why people choose to live in the Longboat Key area, but of course one of the main reasons is the notion of living near the beach and some of the best natural wildlife in the state of Florida.

If you enjoy getting outdoors to get your exercise for the day, Longboat Key is definitely a great place to live for doing that. Along with the several miles of beaches you can walk on, Longboat Key has some great local parks to visit as well for outdoor exercising.

One popular park is Joan M. Durante Park, which features 32 acres of Florida wildlife and walking trails. Another great park is Quick Point Nature Preserve which have several trails that take residents through mangroves and a natural lagoon. You can view other parks and preserves by visiting the Parks & Recreation Department for Longboat Key.

Another great source for locating trails in Longboat Key is by using sites like, which features several user-submitted courses and trails that are great for running, walking or biking if you enjoy getting your exercise outdoors.

So if you're planning on moving to the Longboat Key area and love to get outdoors for your exercise, there's no need to worry. Longboat Key is perfect for any kind of outdoor enthusiast!

And if you're still looking for a home in Longboat Key, be sure to give Roger Pettingell a call at 888-309-5714 for the latest listings.

Sarasota and Longboat Key are Top Place to Retire and Invest

by Roger C. Pettingell

It seems like people can’t stop raving about Longboat Key and Sarasota. Places like CNBC, AARP, and the International Property Journal have voted the area one of the top places to retire and invest. Beachfront

The Sarasota and Longboat Key area are constantly popping up on many organization’s “Best Places” lists with its unbeatable quality of life.

CNBC named Sarasota one of America’s best places to retire. Sarasota’s 35 miles of beach, gourmet dining, golfing, boating and a range of activities make this an ideal spot to retire. names the Sarasota area as America’s most popular retirement destination. The great weather and activities make the area an ideal retirement spot.

The International Property Journal discovered that Sarasota is the best place to buy a second home in the Western World.

People agree across the board that the paradise-like environment of the area make the perfect place to retire or to buy a second home. Call Roger Pettingell to find out for yourself.

Discover Polo at Local Sarasota Club

by Roger C. Pettingell

It's not the most prevalent sport in America, but polo has long been a classic activity for many communities across the country, and Sarasota is no different. We have a pretty dedicated community of polo players and enthusiasts here in town and for anyone in the city who's interested in learning more, there's not a better place than Sarasota Polo Club.

As the absolute authority on all things polo in the Sarasota area, they offer plenty of exciting events and games on a regular basis for locals to come out and watch. After you've taken in a few matches and gotten an idea for the game, they even offer lessons for every level of experience, both with the game and with horses. Experienced players can even apply for membership to the club online and start playing in games right away.

Polo is a really exciting, enjoyable activity for both the player and spectator, and if you've never experienced it before we highly suggest you take a visit to the Sarasota Polo Club here in the near future. Check out their schedule of upcoming events online and plan a visit soon.

For more news and events information from Sarasota, keep coming to back to visit us here on the official Roger C. Pettingell blog.

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Great Time for Sarasota Property Investment

by Roger C. Pettingell

Sand CastleNow is the perfect time to make an investment in Sarasota property. Sarasota has gorgeous beaches, fantastic weather, a size that is neither too small nor too large and a real estate market that is on its way up.

The past few years have seen an improvement in Sarasota’s real estate market, and it’s only going to get better over time. Whether you are considering investing in property or you just want to live near the beautiful Florida beaches, there is no better time to buy than now.

You can find a wide variety of property in Sarasota or on one of the nearby islands, like Longboat Key. Many people believe this is one of the best places to live. The area is rich with culture, entertainment and recreational activities; no matter what you are looking for, this area has it.

To find your new home in or near Sarasota, contact Roger Pettingell today.


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Average Home Mortgage Rates Staying Low Nationwide

by Roger C. Pettingell

What's the simplest, easiest way to cut down on the final costs of a home? Getting a deal on a mortgage rate, of course. Rates change from week to week and through different markets, but finding the right time to finally buy that home in Longboat Key you've always wanted has a lot to do with being able to find a good rate.

Average mortgage rates have been on the lower end of the spectrum for some time now, and the good news is they're continuing to stay low. As reported by MSNBC real estate, average mortgage rates for a 30-year loan were around 3.87%, which is incredibly low compared to usual rates that you would see. Difficulties in the real estate market across the nation have been the main reason why rates have stayed so low, and as long as markets struggle you can probably depend on these rates staying below the 5% mark.

For home buyers with especially good credit and plenty of space to make payments, you can find even lower rates for 15-year loans, where the average is hovering around 3.1%. 

Now is the time to buy if you want to cut costs on your luxury real estate home n the long term by getting a smaller mortgage rate, and Roger C. Pettingell can help. Give his offices a call today at 888-309-5714 to find out about the best, most luxurious homes in Longboat Key. 

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Sarasota a Top-Searched Community Online

by Roger C. Pettingell

If you already live in Sarasota, no doubt you're fully aware of what a wonderful community it is to be a part of. Our beautiful beaches, friendly neighbors, and comfortable living are all part of the draw for this part of Florida. It's not just our current residents that are becoming wise to the appeal of this luxurious part of the country; plenty of people are starting to take more notice.

As reported by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sarasota was the third most-searched real estate market in the nation. Major real estate authorities Trulia found that Sarasota was among the areas of the country that were most often targeted in online searches for real estate, showing that the market is drawing more and more attention by the day.

With attention focusing more on this area, markets are such to see a major pickup in action, and so if you're wanting to make a move now is the time to do so. As more buyers enter into the market, prices will most likely see a rise as availability goes down.

If you're looking for a new luxury home in Sarasota, call Roger C. Pettingell today at 888-309-5714. 

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