Longboat Key Florida Strategies for marketing your home for sale now but listing in MLS during peak season

Strategies for marketing your home for sale now but listing in MLS during peak season

Roger Pettingell discusses the summer market and the advantages for having your home on the market in the summer before peak season. The strategy for this shadow inventory is discussed in REALTALK™ #174. Roger is the number 1 single Coldwell Banker agent in all of Florida for 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and ranked among the top 250 agents in the nation in 2014, 2016 and 2017 by REAL Trends as reported in the Wall Street Journal. He closed over $105.4 million in residential real estate sales in 2017. Roger is interviewed by Mary Kay Ryan, director of customer care. Visit the YouTube playlist for REALTALK™ or see all the videos with their transcripts here at http://bit.ly/1g8Z1mW Transcript: Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota's luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Hey Roger. Hey Mary Kay, halfway through summer. I just was thinking that. The temperatures tell us that we're definitely halfway through summer. A little bit warm, our kids are going back to school in a month, so they're counting down. But we really have, you know, our summer from a real-estate point of view goes through September. It really does, and you know oftentimes people have a misconception that summer can be sort of a slow time. Right. But it really can be strategically a good time to talk about listing your place for sale. Right. And you know, just like everything it really just depends, would be kind of the answer. But as we're talking to people now, they're coming to us new, say. And you're at the end of July, and you're thinking, it's slower, is this really a good time? You know, one strategy a lot of times, we'll use this kind of this shadow inventory. Right. And it's been very successful for us over the years and what we're doing is basically we're bringing the property into our inventory, but we're not blasting it out through the Multiple Listing Service yet. And that's by agreement with those sellers. And the purpose is, you know, we have you know certain influence within the market, just by having been here so long. We have an online influence, we have advertising opportunities where we can expose those properties. And so if there's somebody out there looking, they're probably going to have some chance to hear about it. Or through our Realtor networking. But we're not going to let it stagnate on the market through what really, from a sales point of view, will be the slowest two months. So you know, that's August-September time is, you know, the fewest number of sales happening, contracts written. So. Right. You wouldn't strategically want to, you know, blast it out, you know, August first to the market and then have 60 days accrued on the market. But you also want to catch those people that might be around looking for season. Right. So that's worked really well and what it does also is, you know, it's rainy in the summer, right. So a day like today where you know, maybe all the picture-taking is canceled and you know we can't put something new on the market, as we had planned, we can pick for the best weather for our photos and videos. We've got basically 60 days, because come October first, we want to be live with everything. As we know that the fall season has been, over the last five years, a tremendous time here. And a lot of times some of the agents in the area are working with buyers and they have a certain set of criteria, and if they can't find it in MLS, they'll often times call our office and say, "Is there something new coming on?" And sometimes we're able to make a match that way. And we'll do the same thing with existing listings. Sometimes it's time to give them a breather off the market. Still, you know, the opportunity to sell them. And we will sell probably, you know 20% of things that way maybe sell. But days on the market are critical now, right. In a good market, the more days you have on the market, the less valuation people will give you. So we're very introspective and thoughtful about days on the market and strategizing how to sell your place. Yeah, so we'd love to tell you about the listings that we have in our inventory, and also things that will be coming to the market in October. So please call us at (941) 387-1840 or be sure to visit us often at LongboatRealEstate.com. Thanks so much for joining us our REALTALK™, see you next week.
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