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Listings with buildable waterfront lots

by Roger Pettingell

The value of land with a home attached

Three homes where buyers are interested in the waterfront property

REALTALK™ #183 - We discuss when a home is purchased for its land value as a tear-down.

Last week I listed three homes at prices to consider them for their lot values. These are strategies when the land value is greater than the home value of the home, especially in aging structures. In Sarasota and Longboat Key there is a scarcity of A-quality lots so buyers are looking at properties for their waterfront views with boat access to Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

I reported on this land value proposition for buyers in REALTALK™ #183 and in REALTALK™ #54 while in a home in Harbor Acres. In that episode I followed up on a news story by Sarasota Herald-Tribune real estate editor Harold Bubil in which I was quoted in the article, Why tear down a perfectly good mansion? Because you can.

Harbor Acres is one of those prime communities where older homes sit next to mansions. I recently sold a property there on Hillview that the land was cleared as a vacant lot for sale. It sold for just under $2 million, I suspect even the dock that was left standing at the time of sale will be replaced.

Another community to consider is Country Club Shores on Longboat Key. Country Club Shores was developed by the Arvida Corporation in the 1960s with homes on man-made canals that stretched out to Sarasota Bay. Roads were added and given names that corresponded with golf and seamanship terms. Some of these homes are aging and are positioned next to the mansions that replaced their neighbor’s homes.

I have a listing there at 560 Putter Lane that I covered in the last Home Showcase XXXV article. It was finished early this year and is ready to take possession as a brand new home with nearly 4,400 square-feet of living space and 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Two of my listings last week that are listed as buildable lots with homes on them are also in Country Club Shores.

592 Ranger Lane in Country Club Shores
A combination of mansions and original homes looking down the new seawall at 592 Ranger Lane.

The first is at 592 Ranger Lane. A wonderful waterfront value, this furnished three-bedroom home is ready to rent, renovate or enjoy, ideally situated on deep sailboat waters that flow out to Sarasota Bay. The sea wall is new making it more suitable as a new construction home. The home and over 10,000 square feet of lot space is priced at $895,000.

A slightly larger lot is one at 570 Yardarm Lane in Country Club Shores that has over 11,000 square feet of lot space. It also has a new seawall, 100 feet of deep-water frontage and has a boat dock. It is just a stone’s throw from Sarasota’s open bay waters. The three-bedroom home with screen-protected lanai is ready to renovate or enjoy, listed comparably at $830,000.

Off the island and into a West of the Trail property in the Sarasota community of Kentwood Estates is a dream home waiting to happen, and is the third home priced last week as a buildable lot. This charming four-bedroom pool home at 1555 Eastbrook Drive is situated on a corner lakefront parcel spanning nearly a quarter-acre of lush, manicured property listed at $749,000. Waiting for you to renovate or begin a new build, its location in Sarasota is everything and this quiet community, bordering the deep-sailboat waters of the bay, is the perfect complement. This neighborhood is also home to the prestigious Field Club, where members enjoy private access to fine dining, swimming, tennis and the marina.

Over the years of REALTALK™ I have discussed similar topics on building homes in Sarasota. Here are just a few:

Episode Description Date
183 Choices between new, renovated or homes in need of updating October 25, 2018
173 Process for building a new home from start to finish June 28, 2018
84 Gulf-front property values on Longboat Key April 21, 2016
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54 When a home is a tear-down for its land value July 30, 2015
43 Modern architectural design in Sarasota April 1, 2015
5880 Midnight Pass Rd, #905 - Siesta Key community of Casarina on the Number 1 rated beach in the world.

Last week I also listed a penthouse in the Casarina community on the Gulf of Mexico coastal beach of the famed Siesta Key. With nearly 1,700 square feet of updated interior, you will love the stunning ninth-floor views, wonderful amenities and proximity to the beach at 5880 Midnight Pass Rd, #905. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing or if you have a property to sell or buy.

Address List Price Media Slideshow
5880 Midnight Pass Rd, #905 $749,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Call us at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing


Real estate videos for our market

by Roger Pettingell

The past four years of REALTALK™

Approaching 2019 and our 200th episode of real estate discussions

Episode Number 1
First Episode - We discussed the 2013 and 2014 Sarasota real estate market on April 23, 2014.

When I launched the REALTALK™ video series on April 23, 2014 I wanted to discuss important topics that affected home buyers and sellers in Sarasota and barrier islands. Now 187 weekly episodes later we have done just that. The videos have covered 47 different communities from the Oaks Bayside in Sarasota to the Lands End neighborhood on north Longboat Key. Many times Mary Kay Ryan and I have recorded our episodes from the homes in the neighborhood we were discussing.

There is so much to discuss as each community has its own atmosphere. In our videos of residences on Longboat Key I try to address those unique features that would make it attractive to buyers. We can explain the difference between the luxury beachfront lifestyle of Beachplace and why Grand Bay on the bay side might offer a different attraction.

We covered the Ritz-Carlton downtown from the penthouse there in REALTALK™ #71, then followed up with a spotlight on the Ritz-Carlton Beach Residences two years later in our #154 episode. Someday I hope to have a review of the new Ritz-Carlton that is under development in the rejuvenation of the Quay district downtown.

And we have gone into areas that the casual home buyer may not be aware of. We recently discussed Tremont Estates on Lido Key, just blocks from St. Armands Circle, and Bungalow Hill, west of trail in Sarasota. We thought it would be important to discuss areas like Sapphire Shores on Indian Beach in Sarasota and the luxury homes that were built in the Sanderling Club on Siesta Key.

We have also directed our attention to the gated communities of Bay Isles and homes that have beach access through deeded titles. You can get a glimpse of Queens Harbour, Fairway Bay and the Bayou neighborhood in our community spotlight series.

Topics by the experts in the purchase process and home insurance

REALTALK interview with Mike Mailliard
Interview with experts including Mike Mailliard of MIC Insurance discussing Florida home insurance.

But we have also taken on the serious business of home buying and invited local experts to discuss topics that impact a sale or the value of a home. Real estate attorney Thomas Luzier of the Sarasota firm Dunlap and Moran took on the discussion of state Doc Stamps and Title Insurance in REALTALK™ #38. It has been one of our most viewed videos. This is one I send a link to customers who have questions about these two topics as Thomas did an eloquent and concise review of these two sometimes confusing areas of Florida real estate law.

Insurance in Florida is also unique and sometimes misunderstood. Mike Mailliard of MIC Insurance has been an expert and a frequent guest. In the fall of 2014 we recorded a two-part series where he discussed some important features to look for while insuring a condominium, and then followed it up with part II on insuring single-family homes. He returned for another two-part series as we approached the storm season two years ago. His June 2016 series was timely as he first discussed changes in Florida law that affected home owners, then followed up the next week on actions that needed immediate attention in preparation of the summer months. This episode is one I highly recommend as he discussed protecting your most valuable assets before disaster hits. On September 21, 2017 he provided an update on Florida insurance just days after Hurricane Irma made its path through central Florida.

We have had other experts discussing different topics. A good discussion on the ease and use of a Smart Home was presented in an interview with Wicked Smart Homes president, Mark Bolduc. Sea wall construction has changed over the years so we invited Jim Smith of Custom Dock & Davit to discuss and demonstrate new technologies that offer more longevity. We discussed the advantages of buying new construction in Sarasota with guest Amy Drake, in REALTALK™ #52. I am no lawyer but have enough knowledge of common questions customers ask me so I discussed TRIM notices and preparing for taxes in REALTALK™ #57.

Local programs that have a great social benefit have been discussed. There was no one better to explain the world renowned St. Armands Circle than Diana Corrigan, Executive Director of the St. Armands Circle Association in REALTALK™ #58. Titus Herman, CEO of Southeastern Guide Dogs discussed his program of service to the blind and veterans of war. Juliette Valin, director of membership at the Longboat Key Club was in an episode to discuss the benefits of joining this highly recognized organization. The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe was highlighted in REALTALK™ #101 in an interview with Nate Jacobs, founder and artistic director, which finished with a duet.

Market updates for sellers and buyers as we see it

Max and Jake guests
Sons Max and Jake - I receive many good comments when sons Max and Jake join me in REALTALK™ discussions, especially around the holidays.

We sometimes think that buyers are only here during peak season from November to mid April. If that were the case we wouldn’t have any home sales in the summer, of which we had a brisk season in those months too this year. As peak seasons come and go I discuss the market and prepare sellers on expectations for their homes on the market. I discuss timing and any perceived fluctuations that might have an impact on the sale of luxury homes or residences. In these updates I provide my best estimate of market timing and how to best present your home for the upcoming season. These updates have been very popular and are some of the most viewed videos.

We like to have fun too. Sons Max and Jake have grown up as guests the past four years, and they discuss serious topics. These videos receive the most comments from viewers, whether they like the way Jake and I discussed the home-buying process or Max asking me questions about home pricing. We present these videos around holidays, particularly at Thanksgiving when I promote Roger’s Great Pie Extravaganza. I learned of their aspirations for the future in a year ending 2016 holiday greeting and magic trick in REALTALK™ #112.

But what could be more fun than the bloopers episode put together by our videographer Detlev von Kessel for our first year anniversary. Catch all the episodes, with their transcripts on our REALTALK™ page. You can also subscribe to these videos from our YouTube playlist. We have enjoyed bringing these two-minute videos to you over the years and hope that the information has been valuable to you. Look for more episodes brought to you on Thursdays. Please email me if you have a suggestion for an upcoming REALTALK™.

We also listed three new properties recently in the Sanctuary and Beachplace on Longboat Key, and a single-family residence in the Oaks. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing or if you have a property to sell or buy.

Address List Price Media Slideshow
535 Sanctuary Dr, #C308 $1,695,000 Video Photo Slideshow
76 Osprey Point Drive $849,000 Video Photo Slideshow
1075 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #203 $549,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Call us at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing


What to expect at the listing appointment

by Roger Pettingell

A little preparation increases sale efficiency

December is a good month to market your home for sale

1117 Benjamin Franklin Drive, #A
This beach home on Lido Key is a new listing from a recent listing appointment.

December is a good month to list your home for sale in Sarasota. This may be different in the north when a springtime listing may take advantage of the upcoming good weather. And if you have listed a home up north you may find that the listing process may be a little different than what is expected here. In REALTALK™ #110 last week I discussed what I would look for in your home before we talk about placing it on the market.

Before the appointment I start with a little homework. I look at recent sales that indicate the current market of similar homes. But at that point I still don’t know the fair market value of your home until I get inside. Then I look for upgrades that will increase the value of the home. Home buyers tend to be more encouraged by an updated home.

I also want to know the condition of the home. Are there any cracks in the ceilings? Are there any maintenance issues that can be remedied for a quicker sale. I pay particular attention to the areas around vents where mold may accumulate. Some of these items may come up in the inspection after a sales contract is signed, but we prefer to know in advance so we can correct the problem and close more efficiently.

Our staff is ready to help in any way and can suggest the right specialist for each repair job. We have contact information for what we have found to be the best painters, plumbers, electricians, flooring installers and home cleaners. You may have your own handyman in these areas. If staging is an issue we can make recommendations there. If clutter is an issue we can suggest volunteer organizations that will remove furniture and give you an receipt for tax deductions.

Expectations for the listing appointment in REALTALK™ #110
REALTALK™ #110 - We discuss the listing process and what to expect at the appointment.

Once we have determined conditions that may need improved or any updates that have already been done we can review price. We want to settle on a price that is fair in the market but something that you would feel comfortable with. If you have a mortgage, will the price be sufficient to settle with the bank and hopefully have a good profit remaining. Most home sellers do their own research beforehand. Zillow is a popular website that gives Zestimates. However, these estimates do not take into consideration the condition of the home or any updates that increases its value. The comparable home sales tools that I have are likely to be more accurate. Contact our office and we can set you up with free emails that will show price adjustments and new home sales in your area.

Here is a good reference to use if you are planning to do any remodeling projects before you speak with an agent. It is the 2016 Cost v. value report for the Sarasota area, published annually by Remodeling magazine. This report compares 30 different remodeling projects and how they affect the value of your home. With this report you can compare the Sarasota area to other areas of the southeast region and the nation. For instance, fiberglass attic insulation can have a 150.9% return on investment in Sarasota. A garage door replacement can have a return of 103.1% when you price the home for the market.

After we feel comfortable with the price, then we can establish an action plan for marketing your home. I have Coldwell Banker to thank for providing me with many print and online opportunities that we use to the fullest. I promote homes through my website here and a personal website for each home with the Internet address based on the physical address of the home. My full-page weekly ads in the Longboat Key Observer is a print medium I use. We also use direct mail to market your home.

There is a list of documents that I request so they are readily available for any interested buyers. I feel this is important so that we are able to answer any questions while the buyers are excited about the home after a showing. Also in the REALTALK™ video I explain the need for these documents and cited insurance premiums as an example. I use these for the printed brochure that we provide at each showing. We copy and create digital documents in PDF format before returning them to you. Our service can convert most sizes, including large floor plans. Here is a list of documents that are useful:

  • Insurance papers
  • Survey
  • Title insurance policy
  • Floor plan
  • Site plan

Age, warranties and make of appliances:

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Air Conditioner

You can expect that I will request a copy of the home key, elevator code or security code. Some agents use lockboxes. Since we accompany our showings, we add a layer of security by keeping these keys locked in our office until the time of the showing. We can make copies if the keys you possess are your only set.

I will also want to know the financial condition of the home. If the home is in a trust or owned by an LLC, with this information I will be in a position to better discuss an offer with a buyer’s agent. Any equity in the home is good if there is a mortgage on the home.

I do like listing appointments and hope that you contact my office when you are ready to sell. This home at 1117 Benjamin Franklin Drive, #A is across the street from the Gulf of Mexico beach on Lido Key and is a new listing last week. The home is listed at $1,299,000 and has plenty of wonderful updates. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing.

Address List Price Media Slideshow
1117 Benjamin Franklin Drive, #A $1,299,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Call us at (941) 387-1840 for an exclusive showing


3-dimensional floor plans

by Roger Pettingell

Newest evolution in home photography

Three dimensional walk-throughs are the new floor plans

213 N Washington Drive 3D home virtual tour
Technology update - We present this home at 213 N Washington Drive in Lido Key as our first 3D tour.

In the evolution of listing real estate on the Internet, the addition of photos started a technological revolution that replaced binders of photos to show a home to a client. Home buyers from any country that had Internet access had the ability to pull up any property, see the photos, and determine which homes would be suitable for first-hand review. Over the years there have been funny photos, sexy photos and exceptionally bad photos. I have always liked the photos of bathrooms where the photographer can be seen in every mirror. Professionally prepared photos sell homes.

Then slideshows and virtual tours guided a client through the home as the real estate listing agent wanted to present the home. There was little interaction other than pausing and starting the tour. Then video was useful to give a better sense that each home had life and a home tour was no longer a set of static images. There are some funny videos too. A friend sent me a video once that showed a videographer walking through a home, the camera housing appeared in the bottom of the frame. It reminded me of the commercial where the dog’s nose was shown searching the home for Beggin Strips. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon…I like bacon.

In our quest to present our homes for sale in the best light, we started using helicopters to get great aerial shots. Drone technology extended those visuals for even more dramatic effect. Drones can get into areas that a helicopter can’t. Their limitations are defined by FAA scrutiny so we know homes within five miles of the SRQ airport in Sarasota can’t be photographed with drone technology.

REALTALK™ #86 on May 5, 2016
Matterport System - I demonstrated this new technology in REALTALK™ #86

We recently started using three-dimensional floor plans where the home buyer drives the views and the walk-through of the home. The company we are using has its headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, creators of the Matterport system. I provided a description of the process in REALTALK™ #86 and demonstrated our first home using this technology at 213 North Washington Drive near St. Armands Circle.

The photographer requires approximately one hour for every 1,000 square feet of floor space. In that time the camera is set up in one location to photograph a portion of the room by rotating the camera 360 degrees on a special tripod. The camera is stopped, then moved to a different small room or section of the same room in larger living spaces.

The operator remotely controls the camera so they are not seen in the resulting images. The camera records the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture. The images are stitched together to form two complete different tours of the home. The virtual floor plan that is created displays the home as you would see it on a paper floor plan. On homes with multiple floors you can select the floor you want to see in the lower right corner.

1372 Harbor Drive, Sarasota
Two views - This home at 1372 Harbor Drive in Sarasota can be seen in dollhouse or floor plan view.

You can really see the advantage of this system in dollhouse view. Select this view and you zoom into a point of origin. You are presented with a starting point where you can walk through the home at your own pace, stop and view the flooring in that room and even gaze at the architecture that is on the ceiling. A single click of the mouse in the direction you want to move takes you to the next point.

A dramatic demonstration of ceiling architecture is in the living room view of this home at 670 Mourning Dove Drive on Bird Key. While standing in the room, hold your mouse button down and scroll toward the ceiling. As with the virtual floor plan you can move to a different floor with one click. You can also walk up and down stairs to continue the tour at your own pace. The tour is very intuitive but there is a help system by clicking on the ? in the upper right corner.

What’s up next? Where is my virtual headset so I don’t need a mouse or touch pad?

Growing list of homes with 3D views

Downtown Community Development update

by Roger Pettingell

New construction update in Sarasota

Azure on Palm latest development in downtown

Azure on Palm downtown residences
Azure on Palm - Groundbreaking is expected in Spring for this 16-residence downtown community.

I have been reporting a lot lately on the low inventory of properties on the high-end market in Sarasota. Developers have been working hard downtown with projects for new residences that are in a one-square mile district defined by the Downtown Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA). The organization recently released its current update report.

One of the newer projects on the report is opening its sale office soon for 16 residences at 711 South Palm. Azure on Palm is a classic contemporary building with a perfect balance of livability and luxury on five floors, the first floor is a parking level. The upper floors offer a great view of Sarasota. There are four 10-foot ceiling floor plans on levels two through four to choose from, starting at 2,583 square feet for the Palm and Pineapple layouts to 2,724 under air for the Ringling and Orange floor plans. These spacious units are provided with three bedrooms and three full baths each. The four luxurious penthouses with 11-foot ceilings have combined square footage of 5,500 for inside and outside living arrangements.

The kitchens at Azure on Palm offer Artisan-crafted, European style custom cabinetry and a custom eight-foot gathering island. Custom Caesarstone countertop and walk-in pantries are also included in each residence. The chef-quality stainless steel appliances complete the kitchen arrangements. The Caesartstone countertops extend to the exclusive spa-inspired bathrooms.

Azure on Palm living room
Exquisite open plan living room of Azure on Palm.

There will be many amenities included in this community, beginning with concierge desk service. You will be able to relax in the resort-style heated swimming pool and spa. A poolside bar and grill, cabanas and open fire pit increase the luxury atmosphere. Azure on Palm is pet friendly with its own private Paw Park. A fitness room with high-quality exercise equipment is available to residents. Each owner will have two assigned secure under-building parking places.

Groundbreaking is expected in the Spring for the project with completion expected the following year. You can call our office for more details and I will be heading the team of sales associates for these residences. I have established a local number for reservations at (941) 677-3278 and will establish a sales pavilion on-site in December.

If you drive downtown you can’t help but notice the construction of other downtown high-rises. The Jewel at 1301 Main Street and One Palm Avenue with 138 hotel rooms and 139 condominiums is framed in with interior construction underway.

One of the largest construction sites in nearly a decade is the Vue Sarasota at the corner of Ringling and Tamiami Trail. This community will finish with a residential tower of 141 units to be completed in the Winter of 2017 and offer 255 hotel rooms operating as the Westin when completed in the Fall of next year. On-site there are plans for a 14,000 square-foot grand ballroom and two junior ballrooms. I have included two progress photos at the bottom of this report.

Max and Jake REALTALK™ video for Thanksgiving
Special family holiday edition of REALTALK™.

I hope that you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving last week. I posted a special edition of REALTALK™ #68 with my sons as a family to express our thanks for the year. This was a wonderful moment for me to share the holiday and have Max and Jake by my side with their reasons to be thankful. I have a lot to personally be thankful for, including the business of clients that are either buying or selling property in the Sarasota area. I am on target to finish 2015 with $71 million in closed sales.

Last week I posted two new luxury home listings, the first is a Gulf-to-bay estate for sale at 1232 North Casey Key Road in Osprey. An updated home for sale on Siesta Key is my second listing with dock, boat lift, heated swimming pool and waterfall feature. Also, see the price change today of this beautiful waterfront estate built by Murray Homes Construction. It is new and never lived in, a must see contemporary home. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

1232 North Casey Key Road $7,500,000 Video Photo Slideshow
620 Mangrove Point Road $2,795,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Vue construction in April 2015 Downtown Westin construction in November 2015
Sarasota Vue progress - Photo on left in April of 2015 compared to the progress shown in the November 2015 photo on right. Work on the new downtown Westin hotel with 255 rooms and 141 residences in the Vue Sarasota is progressing with an expected winter of 2017 completion date for both sections.


Amazing Southeastern Guide Dog programs

by Roger Pettingell

Independence provided by guide dogs

Programs kept active through donations and volunteers

Southeastern Guide Dogs, Palmetto campus
Extraordinary dogs - Southeastern Guide Dogs trains and pairs these amazing dogs with visually impaired individuals and servicemen.

Southeastern Guide Dogs provides trained dogs, receives no government funding, and does not charge the recipient for these services which includes 26 days of training on their 33-acre campus in Palmetto. Such a remarkable program that matches exceptional dogs with visually impaired and individuals suffering from PTSD.

They do this and more with the generous support of donations and through a program of 700 volunteers who donate at least one day per week toward the organization. I spoke with Titus Herman, CEO, a couple weeks ago for a REALTALK™ episode. I’ve known Titus through the 10 years I’ve been on the board of directors and have had the pleasure for bringing up four separate dogs as a Puppy Raiser. In that capacity I have become one of 1,100 volunteers for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Puppy Raisers have a great deal of pride in their work and have the opportunity to visit with the matched pair during the training period.

Southeastern Guide Dogs interview with CEO Titus Herman
Southeastern Guide Dogs - I spoke with Titus Herman, CEO, in REALTALK™ #64.

Donations provide operational funds and also building upgrades such as the new Barpal - Hirst Student Center that is expected to open next summer. With 29,000 square feet under roof, this facility will offer space for student housing dining and accommodations, as well as offices and a welcome center. I have an aerial video of the building’s progress in my trip there for REALTALK™ #64. Their popular dog-walking program for visitors is put on hold until it is safe around the new construction of the student center.

The new student center is to complement the other facilities for training and for the public to enjoy. Their website offers opportunities to reserve a walking tour of the campus Monday through Saturday. The staff provides an opportunity to play with the puppies in training, the only training facility for guide dogs that allows Hug a Puppy. It might be one of the happiest half hours you can spend with your time.

They provide speakers for organizations, and also train dog owners who want an obedient dog an expertly trained owner.

Barpal - Hirst Student Center construction
Barpal - Hirst Student Center - The new student center is expected to open next summer as shown from this aerial in the REALTALK™ #64 video.

Events off campus provide public information and a chance to get involved with financial support or to explore volunteer opportunities. This Saturday morning there is a sidewalk sale to benefit Southeastern Guide Dogs in the front parking lot of 1 ASI Way in St. Petersburg. Closer to home, on Veteran’s Day there is a Yappy Hour to support the Paws for Patriots program starting in the late afternoon at Mattison’s Forty-One. Paws for Patriots. Paws for Patriots is a variety of programs that provide guide dogs for visually impaired veterans and support for servicemen with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Trained dogs also are active in VA hospitals and are paired as companions for veterans. A joint holiday party of civilian contractors will be held at the at the Tampa Club December 1 to benefit Paws for Patriots.

A series of nine walkathons are organized for Saturdays in 2016 beginning February 20 in Bradenton and conclude April 9 in Lakewood Ranch. They have goals for each city walkathon, their biggest fundraisers, and hope to raise over $1 million through all the events planned next year. After all, the total cost is $10,000 for each of 400 dog training and pairings each year.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is one of many rewarding organizations to volunteer while living here. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy. We feature homes for sale on our website including these new listings from last week.

638 Bayview Drive $2,695,000 Video Photo Slideshow
3340 Sabal Cove Lane $1,530,000 Video Photo Slideshow


White sand meets blue water forms a great attraction

by Roger Pettingell

Sarasota renown for world class beaches

Tourists and home buyers attracted by beach quality

REALTALK™ #53 talk about area beaches
Bay Isles Beach Club - In REALTALK™ #53 last week I talk about our splendid area beaches.

The waterfront here draws tourists from around the world, at its pinnacle are the beautiful white sandy beaches that separate Sarasota County and Longboat Key from locations on the east coast of Florida. The bright sand is in stark contrast to the teal colors of the water that spreads to the skyline in the west for lazy day sunbathing and spectacular sunsets. It was my pleasure last week then to stand on the beaches at Bay Isles Beach Club on Longboat Key to feature why the club, and the local beaches, are so special in REALTALK™ #53.

Bay Isles Beach Club provides a secure location for residents that pass through either of two manned gates on Longboat Key. Membership is included with the property purchase in single family home communities such as Queens Harbor, Corey’s Landing, Sabal Cove and Harbor Oaks. Fairway Bay, Grand Bay and Marina Bay are condominium communities that also enjoy the fabulous beach that is associated with club membership. On the beach are amenities associated with an exclusive lifestyle that include showers, pavilions, restrooms, and grilling areas for private parties. Membership access to the beach is on a short list of beach availability on Longboat Key. Private homes and hotels line most of the 11 miles of land where the sand greets the Gulf of Mexico.

Longboat Key residents that have purchased homes in Country Club Shores on the lower end of Longboat Key enjoy their private canal dock space and their proximity to the world class golf courses of Longboat Key Club. It is also a short ride by bike or car to Lido Key beach through St. Armands Circle. Since 1990 the park has been owned by the city but operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of Sarasota County. It had been the site of the Lido Key Casino, built in 1940 but was demolished in 1969. It already had become a favorite location for sunbathing.

The Siesta Key Crystal Classic master sand sculpting competition
The Siesta Key Crystal Classic master sand sculpting competition is held in November each year.

Longboat Key and Sarasota residents travel a short distance to one of the finest beaches in the world, Siesta Key. The 99 percent quartz pebbles reflect the heat so standing in the sand is comfortable on even the warmest day of the summer. Besides named as the best beach in America by Dr. Beach in 2011, it was classified as the whitest and finest sand in the world at the Great International Beach Challenge in 1987. Travel Channel claimed that it had the best sand in America in 2004 and most recently was awarded this year as the #1 beach in the United States by online service TripAdvisor. Lifeguards make this a very safe beach for swimming and a great location for The Siesta Key Crystal Classic master sand sculpting competitions each November.

In REALTALK™ #53 I mention Manasota Beach, one of the lesser known and lesser populated public beaches off the coast of Englewood. This area has four beaches with public access on the seven miles of Manasota Key.

On the northern end of Longboat Key is a popular beach for boaters but accessible by land. The shallow waters of Beer Can Island is popular with the younger crowd. Near to this location is Whitney Beach, on the gulf side, just west of Gulf of Mexico Drive with public parking on Broadway Street.

Water Club, Longboat Key, Florida condominium beach
The white sands of the residents' beach of the Water Club, Longboat Key, is an invitation for relaxation while listening to the sounds of the surf.

Just a short drive north on Gulf of Mexico Drive over Longboat Pass Bridge is Coquina Beach. This a public beach with plenty of parking and fine arts and craft beach markets nearly every Sunday. This beach is expansive with lifeguards, restrooms, showers and a quaint little beach concession that serves light food, drinks, beer and wine. Caution should be taken if swimming by the bridge, tidal currents can be strong. There is plenty of beach place that make this popular in Manatee County.

We have some great properties for sale behind the gates of Bay Isles including those in the communities mentioned here. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

Real Estate Talk Show Celebrates 1 Year

by Roger Pettingell

One-Year Anniversary of REALTALK™

Weekly Sarasota Real Estate Show Grows with Guests

Anniversary Special - Year of REALTALK™ in review of Sarasota real estate and economics
Anniversary Special: We review the Sarasota real estate and economic climate that aired as an anniversary REALTALK™ special last Wednesday.

Long before the first episode was recorded I had an idea for a weekly show that would explain or identify local real estate issues that affect most of the buyers and sellers of property here. For the past year we set out to record one episode a week and have reached our one-year anniversary with a successful run of shows that have included everything from the economics affecting home purchasing to insurance for homes and condominiums. The name REALTALK™ resonated with our YouTube audience and we soon trademarked the term so we could brand it with each weekly video on Wednesdays.

We found a topic each week that we thought was relevant to our clients. When there was an announcement that the online real estate giant Zillow was going to purchase Trulia, we discussed what that might mean to a home buyer or seller. We talked about a shift in upscale boutique shopping when the new Mall at University Town Center opened. When we recognized a shift in the nationality of local home buyers we discussed the foreign exchange rate and how it could benefit clients on both sides of the coin, so to speak.

Now and then I reflected on the state of the real estate market here in Sarasota. In these episodes I discussed the current trends in the luxury real estate market and how they would affect the future of home sales. We have been fortunate to see a good housing market here over the twelve months that we have recorded REALTALK™, so it was a pleasure to spread the good news.

Roger is interviewed by 10-year old Jake Pettingell on the home buying process
Proud Moment: I am interviewed by my 10-year old son Jake on the home buying process.

The format remained the same over the year but we have grown to offer more than just Mary Kay Ryan, our director of customer care, and I talking about the issues. The success of our first show with a guest on October 29 showed us that our audience also appreciated an expert in their field talking about the issues that would affect home sales. The first in REALTALK™ #21, Michael Mailliard of MIC Insurance on Longboat Key talked about insurance for condominiums. It was followed up by a similar discussion with Michael, the next week we talked about home insurance.

We had real estate attorney Thomas Luzier from the Sarasota law offices of Dunlap & Moran discuss the meaning of title insurance and doc stamps in REALTALK™ #38. There was an interesting talk with Mark Bolduc of Wicked Smart Homes who demonstrated in REALTALK™ #42 the use of new technology that was implemented in our 530 Harbor Gate Way listing to control entertainment, security and climate control. I may have my most pride in the guest who appeared on REALTALK™ #37 on February 15. I was interviewed by my son Jake on the process for buying a home.

Florida Realtor Magazine, September 2014
It's Showtime! - REALTALK™ was picked up by Florida Realtor Magazine in its September 2014 issue.

The success has been recognized in the real estate market. The series caught the attention of editors at Florida Realtor magazine and an article on the show appeared in the September edition. It was good exposure, covering the production and history of the show.

In each of the videos we transcribe them in closed captioning for the hard of hearing and put them up on a web page devoted to the REALTALK™ series. The history of all the videos are there with a brief description of each. I am proud to say that most REALTALK™ videos have over 100 views. The series has its own playlist on my YouTube channel.

Episode Description
45 Anniversary special with an optimistic view of local market
44 Coldwell Banker referral system to connect buyers
43 Modern architectural design in Sarasota for new luxury waterfront homes
42 Mark Bolduc demonstrates a Wicked Smart Homes design with Roger
41 This new Antigua listing at Grand Bay is on display for its renovations
40 Roger assesses the 2015 real estate market at the mid-season point
39 Roger discusses the process for pricing rarely available properties
38 Attorney Thomas Luzier discusses title insurance and doc stamps with Roger
37 Jake Pettingell asks his father about the process for buying a home
36 Roger discusses the Resort at Longboat Key Club with Juliette Valin
35 The foreign currency exchange rate and its effect on area home sales
34 Roger introduces Mary Kay Ryan, director of customer care
33 Roger discusses penthouse suites, its marketing and meaning to buyers
32 Home warranties to benefit the buyer and the seller as explained by Roger
31 Roger provides some insight into the market of 2015 on the last day of the year
30 Roger discusses "As is" contracts for buying and selling a home
29 New listing for the holidays? Roger provides some insight on decorations.
28 International buyers of real estate is on the increase according to a NAR report
27 Roger provides some thoughts for entering the real estate profession
26 Roger shares where he is going to shop on Black Friday; with store video
25 The annual Yoder's pie event for friends and clients at Coldwell Banker
24 The event season is shaping up for many organizations, Roger reviews two
23 Emerging trends in the Sarasota real estate market for 2015: What's hot
22 Property insurance, Part II, insuring residential single family homes
21 A discussion with local insurance expert on insuring condominiums, Part I
20 Sustaining the housing market pace in Sarasota, looking toward 2015
19 Opening of new Mall at UTC adds shopping to luxury experience
18 Online sources to start selling your home
17 Selling Homes on the Internet in Sarasota, Florida
16 Condominiums of Longboat Key, FL - Beachplace
15 Why now is a good time to list properties
14 Research property values through Sarasota CMA histories
13 What Zillow buying Trulia means for real estate research
12 Roger describes his REAL Trends top 250 ranking
11 Focused marketing of homes through the Internet
10 Softening real estate market news reports and what they mean
9 Wind Insurance advice for summer months in Florida
8 Basics of staging your property
7 Luxury home real estate marketing
6 Kitchen remodeling considerations for real estate home or condominium resales
5 The single family home market in Sarasota
4 Roger discusses Grand Bay and sunrise views of Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key
3 Real estate market transition to summer months
2 Upper end listings on the market
1 Roger compares 2013 to 2014 in local real estate market


Anniversary Special - REALTALK™ bloopers
Anniversary Special: REALTALK™ bloopers.

We thought everything went perfect for every episode of recording REALTALK™. That is until we saw these vignette videos recorded over the year by our videographer, Detlev von Kessel. We had to laugh at ourselves in this anniversary special bloopers edition of REALTALK™.

So I hope you found the videos over the past year to be informative and entertaining. From the opening salutation when Mary Kay announces me and we greet each other to the end where Mary Kay closes with an invitation to visit our website at

We will continue to provide quality information for the local real estate market with our REALTALK™ series. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a question we can discuss in a future segment, or if you have property to sell or buy. We have this new listing, a 2BR/2BA residence with beautiful southern views of the Gulf and Promenade courtyard.

1211 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #108 $769,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Establishing a home price

by Roger Pettingell

Some Properties Require REALTOR® Pricing

Looking outside of the community for comparables

Establishing the price of a home, REALTALK™ #39
The Water Club property - Some unique properties require comps from outside of the community.

I think we all are aware that pricing a home for sale is a very important part of the process. Set it too low and you could lose on some equity you have in the home, set it too high and you risk having it sit on the market longer than you can afford to. The natural reaction is to set it high, possibly higher than you might think so that you can pick up a rogue buyer willing to pay more than the market value of the home. In my experience that rarely happens. By setting a price too high you risk a low number of showings and offers that are only disappointing.

Even pricing based on Zillow, Trulia and has its risks. I’ve mentioned before in REALTALK™ videos how these companies offer their prices based on square footage and do not take into consideration any upgrades to the property for sale. This is where you need a professional real estate agent to assess your property so it is not set too high or too low. We start with the comps (Comparable Market Analysis) and evaluate the home based on a thorough understanding of the home and how it will appear to buyers. We can then recommend a price for the residence.

In my most current REALTALK™ #39 video last Wednesday I talked about the magnificent new listing at the Water Club on Longboat Key. This is a property that had a limited number of comps because it is unique and rarely available. It is also on the eighth floor, adding to its value. Anything above the sixth floor there has ten-foot ceilings which will also add value to the residence. This property at 801 also has been upgraded with marble floors, electric blinds with beautiful wall and window treatments.

The stack there is one that I have followed during the 30 years I have been involved in real estate here and was on the original development team for building one. To create a comparable price for this unique place I had to look outside of the community at L’Ambiance on the south end and Positano on the north end of Longboat Key. The updates for this property will not sway the online real estate websites, but will generate a higher sale price.

With all the online information available to professionals, sellers and buyers, the world has become more sophisticated for the real estate process. It is good information to start but there is no substitute for knowledge of the local real estate market. For your research we provide CMAs back to 2010 for the Water Club and back to 2008 for 17 other communities in Sarasota and Longboat Key. The histories will show the progression of the markets each year, updated every month.

Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy. We have a new listing this week in Country Club Shores at 511 Putting Green Lane, along with the new property for sale at the Water Club.

Address Price BR/BA Photo Slideshow
1281 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #801 $3,495,000 3/4.5 Photo Slideshow
511 Putting Green Lane, Longboat Key $869,000 3/2 Photo Slideshow


Longboat Key Club membership

by Roger Pettingell

You may never want to leave Longboat Key

Premier Facilities for Golf, Tennis, Boating and Dining

Juliette Valin, director of membership, Longboat Key Club, with Roger Pettingell, REALTALK #36
REALTALK™ #36 - I discuss Longboat Key Club dining and recreation offerings in this REALTALK™ interview with Juliette Valin, director of membership.

The luxury lifestyle on Longboat Key can be impressive if you add a Longboat Key Club membership to your property purchase. The amenities are great enough that you may never want to leave the island for recreation or dining. We made this conclusion last week when I spoke with Juliette Valin, director of membership, for a REALTALK™ #36 video. In her standard elevator speech she will tell you of the 45 holes of golf, 24 Har-Tru clay tennis courts, 6,500 square feet of fitness center with 65 fitness classes a week, mostly within three minutes of each other.

Longboat Key Club also has over 250 member events annually, with special occasions for holidays. There are weekly fitness and wellness classes in the Mind & Motion Studio. Members also have access to the beach and pool facilities that overlook the Gulf of Mexico. Add to that private catering and concierge services, and special room rates at their AAA four-diamond hotel and resort for guests, and it is no wonder why members would never want to leave the island.


The 18 holes at the Links of Longboat and 27 holes at Harbourside Golf Course combine for Golf Digest's "Best Places to Play" award. A priority of Ocean Properties after their purchase of Longboat Key Club a couple years ago was to improve golfing in all 45 holes. One improvement was a resurfacing of the greens with a new grass called Paspalum, which is salt tolerant. Trees line the Harbourside Golf Course along Sarasota Bay for a challenging round. Comprised of three courses of red, white and blue, the par-5, 580-yard, number five hole of the “Blue Herron” course could be the signature hole for the entire Harbourside experience. Over 5,000 palm trees and oleander line the course fairways of the renamed Links of Longboat (formerly Islandside Golf Course) with signature holes at two and 15.

Longboat Key Club
Longboat Key Club Moorings on Harbourside

The deep water Longboat Key Club Moorings has 291 weather protected boat slips for sail or motor yachts with telephone, cable TV, electric and water services. Although the marina privilege is a membership amenity available for lease or purchase. A full service marina designated as a clean marina by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for its environmentally friendly practices and management systems, the moorings is close to many of the recreation and dining offerings of the club. Complimentary daily dockage is available at Longboat Key Club Moorings with full membership.

Home to the Sarasota Open, the Tennis Gardens at Longboat Key Club feature 20 Har-Tru tennis courts. The premier men’s professional tennis tournament in Florida, the Sarasota Open will be held this year the second week of April on the U.S.T.A. certified stadium court in the gardens. The resort conducts a summer class for budding tennis players under the age of 18 as well as personalized lessons, daily strokes and strategy clinics by U.S.T.P.A. professional instructors. The pro shop has a full line of accessories.

Dining and Lounging:

The Court 21 Café and Lounge that overlooks center court at the Tennis Gardens is one of eight restaurants and lounges spread out over the 500 acres of Longboat Key Club. The lounge is open during the prime hours of tennis with brunch, lunch or a late afternoon snack.

Window service in the Tavern & Whiskey Bar opens at 7 a.m. each day and dinner is served until 9 p.m. with simple dishes created with local seasonal ingredients. The Tavern & Whiskey Bar is located on Harbourside by the golf course.

Also on Harbourside by the moorings is Portofino Ristorante & Bar where we were on location for our REALTALK™ video last week. Portofino features Italian cuisine and is open late Tuesday through Saturday. L'Ancora Bar, inside Portofino’s, is open until 10 p.m. weekends and 9 p.m. weekdays, including Sundays.

Over to Islandside, if you are looking for sophisticated cuisine daily in an elegant atmosphere, Sands Pointe in the resort center is the place for your next encounter. Featuring an award winning wine cellar, fresh seafood is brought in daily at Sands Pointe. Reservations are recommended for dinner, but the restaurant is also open for breakfast or lunch.

Socializing is one of the main pastimes at Longboat Key Club. One place is after dinner in the bar at the Point Lounge in the resort center by the Sands Pointe Restaurant. It is open until midnight daily. Spike'n Tees overlooks the Links of Longboat golf course. Relax at the bar after a round of golf or grab a quick breakfast or lunch seven days a week. If you prefer the beach atmosphere, Barefoot's Bar & Grille is also open seven days a week with casual dining and live music on Saturdays while relaxing on the sands of the Gulf of Mexico.


Longboat Key Club Links on Longboat Golf Course
Overlooking Links on Longboat - I have four residences for sale at Grand Bay that overlook the Longboat Key Club golf course on Harbourside.

This social club has been one of the premier private memberships in Florida for the past 30 years with four levels of memberships that begins with a full membership. This level offers the highest level of member recreation and dining amenities. With the golf membership you would have full access to the course, full access to all the private dining and lounges, with limited use of the other facilities during peak usage. Likewise, a tennis membership offers unlimited use of the courts, dining, lounge and beach locations, with limited use of other facilities. A social membership limits the use of marina, golf and tennis courts but includes access to restaurants, bars and lounges. Throw in a Childrens' Camp and special programs for youngsters and the entire family can enjoy a Longboat Key Club membership. To send an inquiry to join visit the Longboat Key Club membership page.

Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy. We are marketing a home in Country Club Shores as a new listing at 609 Halyard Lane, Longboat Key.

609 Halyard Lane, Longboat Key $799,000   Photo Slideshow


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