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LPGA and NCAA Golf Most Recent Visitors

by Roger Pettingell

Golfing is King, and Queen, in Sarasota

Many Fine Courses for Amateurs and Professionals

Grand Bay condo view of golf course on Longboat Key
Longboat Key Harbourside Golf Course - View from this residence at Grand Bay is of the course updated in 2005 to USGA greens specifications.

With the 2015 NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championships wrapping up at The Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, golf is on the minds of many people here in the Sarasota area. The NCAA men take center stage this weekend starting Friday. Earlier this year LPGA Legends officials announced their tour to stop at Palm Aire Golf & Country Club in November. A lot of golf, and a lot of professionals and budding professionals will be in the area.

Consider those tours and the fact that IMG Academy is in Bradenton gives a lot of credence to this area as a golf center. IMG is a training ground for many fine athletic golfers as amateurs and professionals study the game. It is not uncommon for LPGA and PGA stars to get their start at IMG Academies which features a customizable training regimen. Amateurs relocate to Sarasota to enroll in their programs in order to improve their game.

On Monday Emma Talley of Alabama capped off a lightning-delayed singles NCAA tournament to win by three strokes at the Concession Golf Course. She is definitely a woman on the fast track. She is already a U.S. Women’s Amateur champion and is the first woman to win a championship at Alabama. Eight colleges head into match play led by number one seed University of Southern California. The women complete the championship here on Wednesday.

The Concession Golf Course is one of the area’s newest courses with many accolades in the golfing world, most recently designated by Golf Digest as one of America's 75 Toughest Golf Courses. It was designed by famed golfers Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin. They were involved in one of the great concessions in golf history, the 1969 Ryder Cup when the two tied by Nicklaus conceding on the last hole.

The ISPS Handa Cup will be held at Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota, November 12-14, as part of the LPGA Legends Tour. The Legends Tour of 120 female golfers has 12 World Golf and LPGA Hall of Fame members. The 18-hole Champions course at Palm Aire was designed by world renown course architect Dick Wilson and has a 74.1 course rating and 131 slope rating. The Lakes Course was designed by Joe Lee. The newly renovated greens of both courses make it a dream to play on TifEagle Bermudagrass.

Juliette Valin, director of membership, Longboat Key Club, with Roger Pettingell, REALTALK #36
REALTALK™ #36 - I discuss Longboat Key Club membership in this REALTALK™ interview with Juliette Valin, director of membership.

For privileged residents of Longboat Key, there is nothing to compete with the 18 holes at the Links of Longboat and 27 holes at Harbourside Golf Course. They combine for Golf Digest's "Best Places to Play" award. Trees line the Harbourside Golf Course along Sarasota Bay for an ecological tour of plants of animals, while the Links of Longboat (formerly Islandside Golf Course) is known as the "watery challenge", with water hazards on all 18 holes. Members of the Longboat Key Club have access to both courses, I discuss membership with the director of membership in REALTALK™ #36.

I added six more courses to my list of local public, semi-private and private courses that will bring the list up to 38, north from Palmetto to Englewood in the south. They are also updated in the golf section of my online guide. We can put you in a Gulf-front beach residence or a great location in any of our residences below that are on the Harbourside Golf Course at Grand Bay. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy.

3040 Grand Bay Blvd, PH2101 $2,995,000   Virtual Tour
3060 Grand Bay, #151, Longboat Key $1,450,000 Video Virtual Tour
3060 Grand Bay Boulevard, #123 $935,000   Virtual Tour
3080 Grande Bay Blvd. #533 $679,000 Video Virtual Tour


Golfing Guide to Sarasota Area

Public Courses

Course with Link Address City Phone
Bobby Jones Golf Club 1000 Circus Blvd. Sarasota (941) 365-4653
Bobcat Trail Golf Club 1350 Bobcat Trail North Port (941) 429-0501
Boca Royale Golf & CC 1601 Englewood Road Englewood (941) 475-6464
Calusa Lakes Golf Course 1995 Calusa Lakes Blvd. Nokomis (941) 484-8995
Capri Isles Golf Club 849 Capri Isles Blvd. Venice (941) 485-3371
The Concession Golf Club 7700 Lindrick Ln Bradenton (941) 322-1922
IMG Academies Golf & CC 4350 El Conquistador Pky Bradenton (941) 758-1466
Longboat Key Club Harbourside 3000 Harbourside Dr. Longboat Key (941) 387-1631
Misty Creek Country Club 8954 Misty Creek Dr. Sarasota (941) 922-2188
Oak Ford Golf Club 1552 Palm View Road Sarasota (941) 371-3680
Oaks Golf Club 301 Mac  Ewen Dr. Osprey (941) 966-2161
The Preserve Golf Club 7310 Tara Preserve Lane Bradenton (941) 756-2944 
River Club Golf Course 6600 River Club Blvd. Bradenton (941) 751-4211
River Run Golf Links 1801 27th St. East Bradenton (941) 708-6331
River Wilderness Golf & CC 2250 Wilderness Blvd Parrish (941) 776-2691
Rolling Green Golf Club 4501 N. Tuttle Ave Sarasota (941) 355-7621
Serenoa Golf Club 6773 Serenoa Drive Sarasota (941) 925-2755
Stoneybrook Golf & CC 8801 Stoneybrook Blvd. Sarasota (941) 966-2711
Tatum Ridge Golf Links 421 Tatum Road North Sarasota (941) 378-4211
Timber Creek Golf Club 4550 Timber Lane Bradenton (941) 794-8381
University Park Country Club 7671 The Park Blvd. Univ. Park (941) 355-3888
Waterford Golf Club 1454 Gleneagles Dr. Venice (941) 484-6621
Waterlefe Golf & River Club 995 Fish Hook Cove Bradenton (941) 744-9881


Semi-Private Courses

Palm Aire Golf & CC 5601 Country Club Way Sarasota (941) 355-9733
River Isles Golf Course 159 River Isle Bradenton (941) 720-2712


Private Courses

Bent Tree Country Club 4700 Bent Tree Blvd Sarasota (941) 371-8200
Buffalo Creek Golf Course 8100 Erie Road Palmetto (941) 776-2611
Founders Club 3001 Founders Club Dr. Sarasota (941) 404-3107
Gator Creek Golf Club 9000 Gator Creek Dr. Sarasota (941) 924-1111
Groves at Meadows CC 3101 Longmeadow Sarasota (941) 371-6000
Heron Creek Golf & CC 3401 South Sumter Blvd North Port (941) 423-6955
Lakewood Ranch Golf & CC 7650 Legacy Blvd. Bradenton (941) 907-4700
Laurel Oak Country Club 2700 Gary Player Blvd. Sarasota (941) 378-3608
Legacy Golf at Lakewood Ranch 8255 Legacy Blvd. Bradenton (941) 907-7920
Longboat Key Club 361 Longboat Key Club Rd Longboat Key (941) 387-1632
The Meadows Country Club 3101 Longmeadow Sarasota (941) 371-6000
River Strand Golf & CC 7155 Grand Estuary Trail Bradenton (941) 708-3837
Sara Bay Country Club 7011 Willow St. Sarasota (941) 355-7658
TPC Prestancia Club 4409 Tournament Players Clb Dr Sarasota (941) 922-2800

Let's All Celebrate National Bike Month

by Roger Pettingell

Bicycle Travel for Safety and Pleasure

Sarasota resources provide great information for bikers

Sarasota County bike road map
Bike Paths in Sarasota: Bicyclists share the road in this county with lanes well marked on this map.

Drive up Gulf of Mexico Drive on Longboat Key during daylight hours and chances are good that you will encounter single bicyclists or a group traveling on the bike path that appears as an extended shoulder of the road. Bicycling here is huge. Since May is National Bike Month I can help the cause by highlighting important features that Sarasota has for those that are using this form of travel for fitness or pleasure.

A good map for Longboat Key bike enthusiasts is located on the Map My Ride website where 518 routes and four courses are marked. One course from General Harris Road to Bay Isles Parkway is 5.2 miles.

The entire county is mapped for bicycle suitability with a link on the Sarasota government site. There you will find which roads are good bike roads, where riders are at low risk of injury but should still pay attention to safety with cars and pedestrians in intersections. There are plenty of these roads and are marked in green. Roads that are marked in yellow are fair for bicyclists to travel and caution should be exercised at all times. Roads such as the Tamiami Trail (41) and Washington Street (301) are highlighted in red, where they should be avoided by bicyclists.

The map also designates roads that have bike lanes, a bikeable shoulder, sidewalk connector or is a Multi-use Recreational Trail (MURT). MURT roads are at least eight feet wide. Many sections of Gulf of Mexico Drive are designated as a MURT road to be used by pedestrians, cyclists and roller bladers and is unique in that it also has a bike lane of four feet or wider. Bike shops and other businesses are also pinpointed on the map.

One of the more notable bike lanes is the Legacy Trail that was completed in 2008 as part of the rails-to-trails project. To access the trail take Clark Road to Honore Avenue and travel south to Palmer Ranch Parkway. The trail is off the parkway and has 8.4 miles of open bike path to Venice at that point. Be careful on Clark Road as it is designated as a road that is best to avoid.

Sarasota and Manatee counties are supported by the Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club which opened in 1974 to promote bicycling in these two counties. They have weekly bike rallies and hold special events such as the international silent ride for injured or killed riders. It begins at Sarasota County Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. Their next scheduled event is the Solomon’s Castle Ride that begins at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 6.

Bicyclists are considered to be vehicle drivers and the bikes are vehicles under Florida law. Even bike accidents are claimed on auto insurance policies here. The American Bicycling Education Association promotes bike safety and suggests that riders pay particular attention to big lane risk areas.

  • It is recommended that bicyclists ride big by staying within traffic.
  • You can make yourself visible at intersections by moving to where you can be seen.
  • Good communication with hand signals also are good safety habits.
  • There is a blind spot when autos pass a biker to turn right.
  • Passing large trucks on the right is also hazardous.
  • Bikers should pass parallel parked cars with at least five feet of clearance in order to avoid open doors.
Roads are labeled as green, yellow or red on the bike suitability map of Sarasota County.
Bikers should be cautious in this area of John Ringling Boulevard approaching St. Armands Circle where the bike path is very narrow.

As in many states, automobile drivers are required to yield to bikers and both are required to yield to pedestrians. In 2012 Florida law was changed that would allow blinking lights on bikes at nighttime, they considered this for safety. At the same time it was made legal for bikers to have both hands off the handle bars. I’m not sure how that promotes safety but it may be a convenience. In this state it is illegal for a bicyclist to use earpieces or headphones while riding. Helmets are not required by law for anyone over the age of 16 but can go a long way with peventing serious injuries.

Florida law also requires automobile drivers to maintain a safe passing distance. This is defined by three feet, measured from the outer most object on the car such as a mirror. However, at higher speeds three feet is clearly not a safe passing distance. Common courtesy, safe riding habits and following the recommendations of bicycle safety organizations make for more pleasurable experiences and good fitness returns.

Sarasota is a great place to stay fit, including bicycle riding. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional start to summer recreation. Since the holiday is celebrated on Monday, the blog next week will appear on Tuesday. Also, look for our monthly newsletter on the third Wednesday of every month. Sign up for the newsletter on this website. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have property to sell or buy. We have a new listing this week, a beautifully maintained Capri condo for sale in Building V of Grand Bay.

3080 Grande Bay Blvd. #533 $679,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Real Estate Talk Show Celebrates 1 Year

by Roger Pettingell

One-Year Anniversary of REALTALK™

Weekly Sarasota Real Estate Show Grows with Guests

Anniversary Special - Year of REALTALK™ in review of Sarasota real estate and economics
Anniversary Special: We review the Sarasota real estate and economic climate that aired as an anniversary REALTALK™ special last Wednesday.

Long before the first episode was recorded I had an idea for a weekly show that would explain or identify local real estate issues that affect most of the buyers and sellers of property here. For the past year we set out to record one episode a week and have reached our one-year anniversary with a successful run of shows that have included everything from the economics affecting home purchasing to insurance for homes and condominiums. The name REALTALK™ resonated with our YouTube audience and we soon trademarked the term so we could brand it with each weekly video on Wednesdays.

We found a topic each week that we thought was relevant to our clients. When there was an announcement that the online real estate giant Zillow was going to purchase Trulia, we discussed what that might mean to a home buyer or seller. We talked about a shift in upscale boutique shopping when the new Mall at University Town Center opened. When we recognized a shift in the nationality of local home buyers we discussed the foreign exchange rate and how it could benefit clients on both sides of the coin, so to speak.

Now and then I reflected on the state of the real estate market here in Sarasota. In these episodes I discussed the current trends in the luxury real estate market and how they would affect the future of home sales. We have been fortunate to see a good housing market here over the twelve months that we have recorded REALTALK™, so it was a pleasure to spread the good news.

Roger is interviewed by 10-year old Jake Pettingell on the home buying process
Proud Moment: I am interviewed by my 10-year old son Jake on the home buying process.

The format remained the same over the year but we have grown to offer more than just Mary Kay Ryan, our director of customer care, and I talking about the issues. The success of our first show with a guest on October 29 showed us that our audience also appreciated an expert in their field talking about the issues that would affect home sales. The first in REALTALK™ #21, Michael Mailliard of MIC Insurance on Longboat Key talked about insurance for condominiums. It was followed up by a similar discussion with Michael, the next week we talked about home insurance.

We had real estate attorney Thomas Luzier from the Sarasota law offices of Dunlap & Moran discuss the meaning of title insurance and doc stamps in REALTALK™ #38. There was an interesting talk with Mark Bolduc of Wicked Smart Homes who demonstrated in REALTALK™ #42 the use of new technology that was implemented in our 530 Harbor Gate Way listing to control entertainment, security and climate control. I may have my most pride in the guest who appeared on REALTALK™ #37 on February 15. I was interviewed by my son Jake on the process for buying a home.

Florida Realtor Magazine, September 2014
It's Showtime! - REALTALK™ was picked up by Florida Realtor Magazine in its September 2014 issue.

The success has been recognized in the real estate market. The series caught the attention of editors at Florida Realtor magazine and an article on the show appeared in the September edition. It was good exposure, covering the production and history of the show.

In each of the videos we transcribe them in closed captioning for the hard of hearing and put them up on a web page devoted to the REALTALK™ series. The history of all the videos are there with a brief description of each. I am proud to say that most REALTALK™ videos have over 100 views. The series has its own playlist on my YouTube channel.

Episode Description
45 Anniversary special with an optimistic view of local market
44 Coldwell Banker referral system to connect buyers
43 Modern architectural design in Sarasota for new luxury waterfront homes
42 Mark Bolduc demonstrates a Wicked Smart Homes design with Roger
41 This new Antigua listing at Grand Bay is on display for its renovations
40 Roger assesses the 2015 real estate market at the mid-season point
39 Roger discusses the process for pricing rarely available properties
38 Attorney Thomas Luzier discusses title insurance and doc stamps with Roger
37 Jake Pettingell asks his father about the process for buying a home
36 Roger discusses the Resort at Longboat Key Club with Juliette Valin
35 The foreign currency exchange rate and its effect on area home sales
34 Roger introduces Mary Kay Ryan, director of customer care
33 Roger discusses penthouse suites, its marketing and meaning to buyers
32 Home warranties to benefit the buyer and the seller as explained by Roger
31 Roger provides some insight into the market of 2015 on the last day of the year
30 Roger discusses "As is" contracts for buying and selling a home
29 New listing for the holidays? Roger provides some insight on decorations.
28 International buyers of real estate is on the increase according to a NAR report
27 Roger provides some thoughts for entering the real estate profession
26 Roger shares where he is going to shop on Black Friday; with store video
25 The annual Yoder's pie event for friends and clients at Coldwell Banker
24 The event season is shaping up for many organizations, Roger reviews two
23 Emerging trends in the Sarasota real estate market for 2015: What's hot
22 Property insurance, Part II, insuring residential single family homes
21 A discussion with local insurance expert on insuring condominiums, Part I
20 Sustaining the housing market pace in Sarasota, looking toward 2015
19 Opening of new Mall at UTC adds shopping to luxury experience
18 Online sources to start selling your home
17 Selling Homes on the Internet in Sarasota, Florida
16 Condominiums of Longboat Key, FL - Beachplace
15 Why now is a good time to list properties
14 Research property values through Sarasota CMA histories
13 What Zillow buying Trulia means for real estate research
12 Roger describes his REAL Trends top 250 ranking
11 Focused marketing of homes through the Internet
10 Softening real estate market news reports and what they mean
9 Wind Insurance advice for summer months in Florida
8 Basics of staging your property
7 Luxury home real estate marketing
6 Kitchen remodeling considerations for real estate home or condominium resales
5 The single family home market in Sarasota
4 Roger discusses Grand Bay and sunrise views of Sarasota Bay, Longboat Key
3 Real estate market transition to summer months
2 Upper end listings on the market
1 Roger compares 2013 to 2014 in local real estate market


Anniversary Special - REALTALK™ bloopers
Anniversary Special: REALTALK™ bloopers.

We thought everything went perfect for every episode of recording REALTALK™. That is until we saw these vignette videos recorded over the year by our videographer, Detlev von Kessel. We had to laugh at ourselves in this anniversary special bloopers edition of REALTALK™.

So I hope you found the videos over the past year to be informative and entertaining. From the opening salutation when Mary Kay announces me and we greet each other to the end where Mary Kay closes with an invitation to visit our website at

We will continue to provide quality information for the local real estate market with our REALTALK™ series. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a question we can discuss in a future segment, or if you have property to sell or buy. We have this new listing, a 2BR/2BA residence with beautiful southern views of the Gulf and Promenade courtyard.

1211 Gulf of Mexico Dr, #108 $769,000 Video Photo Slideshow


Great Wildlife in the Seas

by Roger Pettingell

Dolphins, and Turtles and Manatees: Oh my!

Year-round water inhabitants accessible this time of year

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium
Mote Marine Dolphin and Whale Hospital - Five dolphins are currently under rehabilitation at the hospital on City Island near our offices.

I was showing a residence for sale last week in Beachplace when on cue a school of 15-20 dolphins made a casual swim near the Gulf of Mexico shoreline outside of the upper-floor property. Beach-goers lined up to witness the splendor of these magnificent animals playing in the surf. Dolphins are plentiful here in Sarasota Bay and the gulf off Longboat Key throughout the year. But with warmer water temperatures approaching the 80s, manatees and turtles provide as many thrills with their annual return to the beaches and shallow surf. The dolphin population is large enough that local boat excursions advertise their businesses with enough confidence that they state dolphins will appear on 75% of their trips. I concur as you can spot dolphins on nearly every recreational boating trip. They are playful and curious, approaching boats with impunity.

Save the Dolphins: It is a great place to study these water-bred mammals. Nearly a half mile from our office, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium has devoted its mission to the sea and creatures within it. Their hospital for whales and dolphins is known throughout the world. Rescued dolphins are brought to their facility on Ken Thompson Parkway for rehabilitation and eventual return to the ocean. Since 1992 they have been providing this relief effort to dolphins and whales, currently there are five dolphins in rehabilitation.

Mote scientists catalog nearly every dolphin in the area and at least one scientist there can identify them by sight. One of the most widely known dolphins in the area was Beggar, trained by casual observers to beg for food scraps from recreational boaters. He was studied by Mote and died at an early age of 20, mostly from an unnatural diet of hot dogs, potato chips and even beer. While Beggar was living there were Federal guidelines in place that would have been a great dolphin experience for both man and animal. In fact, boaters were breaking the law. Feeding or swimming with dolphins is dangerous, a federal offense under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Beggar died in 2012 while living his entire life under federal protection.

Passing of Mote Founder: Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium has a great history. It is with sadness that one of the founding members of Mote, Dr. Eugenie “Genie” Clark, died recently at the age of 92. World renown as the Shark Lady, she started the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory in 1955. Twelve years later it was renamed for benefactor William Mote and eventually moved to its present location on City Island, just over the New Pass Bridge by our offices. Dr. Clark had been a strong supporter and researcher for the Mote. She was eulogized at a Mote ceremony today.

There are rules to observe to avoid disturbing sea turtles while nesting
Sea turtles can nest in high traffic areas like this one outside a popular restaurant on Anna Maria Island.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season: And life for the sea continues, refreshed every year. This begins the season for sea turtle nesting under the watchful eyes of 324 local volunteers from Mote’s turtle research program. This is another sea creature protected by law and have their own hospital wing at Mote. Residents and tourists can help with the survival of sea turtles by observing some simple guidelines with nesting turtles, more pronounced during the season that started Friday. Nesting turtles are discouraged by bright lights so closing blinds and turning off lights on waterfront properties is a great way to encourage these turtles to nest in your back yard. The volunteers on turtle watch will see the tracks in the sand of nesting turtles and mark the nest with stakes, caution tape and yellow tag. Although you may not know when they are about to hatch, it is advised that you can also help with their youthful journey to the sea by filling in craters in the sand. It is a great idea to avoid nesting areas so that nature can take its course. The nesting season runs until October 31.

Return of the Manatees: No official dates are set for the return of manatees, only warmer water temperatures. They don’t hibernate during the winter, just move to warmer water in such places as Crystal River or the TECO Tampa Electric plant in Apollo Beach. From the observation deck at the electric plant you can see hundreds of these sea mammals from October to April. One of the best known manatees in the world is Snooty in the Parker Manatee Aquarium in Bradenton. At the age of 65, Snooty is the oldest known living manatee in the world. His life will continue at the aquarium as he has never learned survival skills for living in the wild. The Parker Aquarium is a rehabilitation center for manatees, rescued only to be cured and returned to the sea. These rescued animals share a living space with Snooty during their recovery.

A Female manatee off Holmes Beach, Bradenton, Florida
Manatees - Manatees can make a magnificent presence in the water near swimmers, like this large female off Holmes Beach in Manatee County.

Manatees are docile creatures but curious. For your best experience in the water, their presence may be an alarming figure, but no need to worry. They are likely on their way for feeding, mostly a diet of plants. Although it may be tempting to feed them lettuce or play with them, they are also protected under the same U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act. Manatees like fresh water for a drink, but providing them water through a garden hose is restricted. If you encounter one in the gulf or bay, admire their awesome size as they gently make their way past you. Expect sunbathers to line the shore and envy your position in the water. Boaters should watch for large swirls of water on canals and open seas to avoid hitting them with their props.

Everyone can do their part to help preserve these wonderful and endangered animals. Respect their existence with the guidelines here and if you find an animal in distress, reach out to the rescue hospitals through 911. They are trained to notify the rehabilitation centers I mentioned here.

These animals add to the enjoyment of life here. Nature abounds in the sea, on land and in the air. Please contact me at (941) 387-1840 if you have a property to sell or buy. We have this new listing, an updated 3BR/3.5BA Cayman in building one of Grand Bay.

3060 Grand Bay Boulevard, #123 $935,000   Photo Slideshow


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